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Freeman Center Rally Raises Awareness of Domestic Violence

There were 345 flags in Park Square on Thursday, with each one representing a new local victim of domestic and sexual violence. The Elizabeth Freeman Center placed one flag per new disclosure of sexual or domestic violence in 2018. The flags, coupled with a rally in the city's center, were intended to demonstrate the issue and the services the center provides.

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Hundreds Gather in Pittsfield to Protest Trump's Immigration Policies

After of years living under Pol Pot's reign in Cambodia, Sopheap Nhim's family knew they had to get out. In the fall of 1979, they made their break. Four adults and five children found themselves on the shore of the United States, just as so many other immigrants had throughout the history of this country.

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Nurses Association Rallies In North Adams Over Lockout

While much of the action has been taking place in Pittsfield, the registered nurses locked out by Berkshire Medical Center made a point of showing on Thursday that North Adams is affected, too. Nearly 100 members of the Massachusetts Nurses Association and their supporters lined the sidewalk along Hospital Avenue chanting to the police and security presence blocking the driveway to BMC's North County campus.

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