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Pittsfield Sells $875K Worth of Tax Liens

The tax lien auction brought in another $875,000, adding to about $800,000 the city had taken in ahead of time in back taxes. According to Director of Finance Matthew Kerwood, 61 liens were sold by Strategic Auction Solutions at City Hall Thursday afternoon accounting for $875,770.61.

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Pittsfield Collects $800K in Back Taxes Ahead of Auction

The city pulled in slightly more than $800,000 ahead of Thursday's tax lien auction. Director of Finance Matthew Kerwood said nearly 500 properties with tax liens were sent notification of the upcoming auction and 156 owners came to city hall to settle the debts.

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Pittsfield Looks to Hold Tax Lien Auction This Fall

The city will look at holding another tax lien auction later this fall. According to Director of Finance Matthew Kerwood, the city intends to host the auction in late fall to recoups some back taxes. The auctions essentially sell off liens on delinquent taxpayer properties to the highest bidder, which then takes over the rights to collect from the property owner.

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