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To the Editor:

Before making any important decision, all facts should be examined and weighed. When considering which candidate to vote for as Berkshire District attorney, a review of the responsibilities of the office is helpful. Under the law, the DA is the highest law enforcement officer in the county whose primary duty of the prosecution of crimes that take place in Berkshire County.
State and local law enforcement investigate cases and bring charges or refer more complex cases to the DA for approval to bring charges. The DA and his staff assist law enforcement on investigative strategies, give legal advice, and provide victim support. When cases are brought to court, prosecutors and victim advocates represent the community at procedures ranging from bail and dangerousness hearings, grand jury presentations, motion hearings, trials, and post-conviction appeals with the goal of holding offenders responsible while keeping victims and the public safe.
The Berkshire district attorney's office is really a large law firm with a staff of over 50 lawyers, advocates, support and administrative staff, and investigators and a $6 million budget. The DA creates and implements policies and oversees a Community Outreach and Education Program responsible for crime prevention programming in our schools and with community groups.
I am a "law and order" person who believes in the rule of law and the safety of our community, but I know the district attorney's duties go beyond that. So, to help decide who the best candidate for DA is, I looked all the facts and ask that you do the same.
Is the candidate an experienced administrator, who knows how to run the office, manage a state budget, and supervise a large staff? Are they familiar with all regulatory and administrative obligations that the DA must legally fulfill? Is the candidate an expert criminal attorney with experience leading complex investigations, trying difficult cases, and prosecuting criminals while supporting victims with compassion and empathy? Have they demonstrated a record of accomplishments, a devotion to public service, and a passion for the criminal law? Are they non-political, putting the best interests of the community over personal political ambition?
The only candidate who is a "yes" to all these questions is District Attorney Paul Caccaviello. Those are the facts. On the ballot, go to the center column and halfway down find the district attorney section, then write in Paul Caccaviello for Berkshire district attorney on Nov. 6.

Kathryn Mickle
Dalton, Mass.





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