Letter: Vote for Cummings and Boskovich for Williamstown Select Board

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To the Editor:

The last few months have witnessed much division in our town with the town manager and chief of police have been forced to retire, in light of a racially charged lawsuit brought against the town by a police officer. All part and parcel of our town's misfortunes, is the DIRE Committee's aggressive, radical campaign implying our community is racist.
Albert Cummings and Tony Boskovich want a return to moderation for our town. Together they bring considerable experience, intelligence and understanding to the present circumstances, both from professional perspectives and personal ones. Many in our community thank them for stepping up and wish to support them in their campaigns for selectmen, their mutual agreement being, among other points, asking Williamstown citizens to vote.

Conversations with Tony and Albert reveal their appreciation for the science behind racism and its relevance to our community (see for example Science magazine, "Diversity and Policing: Big Data Reveal Threats to Minorities Policed by White and Male Officers," Feb. 12, 2021), though they are acutely aware that "One size does not fit all." Williamstown's small, rural, largely educated population, home to Williams College and trust in our Select Board's capacity to lead responsibly, is a far cry from the "big data" and suggest a distortion has been leveled against our citizenry, with many of us desiring a return to civility and moderation.

This is not to imply that circumstances are perfect in our community. We citizens understand some change is needed, accompanied by some reeducation, but how have the accusations of one police officer escalated to the level they have? Clearly, increased national awareness of racism is a key factor in our town, especially with the circumstances and timing of the lawsuit leveled against the police department and town. As a civil rights attorney, Tony is acutely aware of details surrounding the suit, its weaknesses and the overall issue of racism. Tony and Albert propose moderate solutions for our town.

For Williamstown citizens, please vote on May 11, so we as a community have a fuller representation and voice in matters that are important to who we are.

Scott Hoover & James Galusha
Williamstown, Mass.




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