Letter: Ivar Kronick Is Clear Choice for Pittsfield's Ward 2

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To the Editor:

I am writing this to give my unqualified support to the candidacy of C. Ivar Kronick for the position of city councilor in Ward 2.

Mr. Kronick has been running a personal campaign by visiting residents of our neighborhood (Dalton Avenue area), thus making himself directly available to his potential constituents. It has been many years since I recall a candidate knocking on doors and answering questions, one on one, and in person.

This personal touch conveys a message that he will remain immediately available to the electorate. His campaign position flyer provides a clear, unambiguous description of his platform. His views on important issues are that of an independent-minded person, not rigidly beholden to a one-party ideology. I firmly believe the residents of Pittsfield, Ward 2, will be well served by electing Mr. Kronick.

Mark White
Dalton Avenue, Pittsfield, Mass.



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Pittsfield Licensing Board OKs Liquor Licenses for Two New Eateries

By Brittany PolitoiBerkshires Staff

The former Papa Gino's on Merrill Road closed after nearly a half-century in business. The location will reopen as a Mexican restaurant.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Two new restaurants are on the horizon for the city.

The Licensing Board on Monday approved the transfer of a seven-day all-alcohol license from Portsmitt's Lakeway Restaurant to Old Man Jeff's, which will be run by Jeffrey Yeager, the former assistant vice president of planning and reporting at Guardian Life Insurance Co.

The board also approved a seasonal all-alcohol restaurant license application for El Habanero Mexican Grill, which plans to open in the former Papa Gino's on Merrill Road.

In his retirement, Yeager has dedicated himself to becoming a pitmaster and plans to open a barbecue establishment at the shuttered eatery on Peck's Road. Portsmitt's closed in November 2020, citing financial pressures from the pandemic.

"I was responsible for operations at Guardian Life for 30 years, retired, hit the road, the BBQ trail, did competition barbecue for two years studying to some of the top pitmasters in the country, kind of did that for a little while and I can't cook so much food for myself," he said, adding that he is excited because he has always wanted to run a barbecue restaurant.

Yeager said he would like to initially focus on "power hours," or lunches and early dinners. The board approved the eatery's operating hours from noon to 11 p.m., though he doesn't plan to be open that late.

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