Clark Art Invites People With Dementia and Their Caregivers

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WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. — "Meet Me at the Clark," a free gallery talk program designed specifically for people living with dementia and their care-partners, will be held Monday, March 20 at 1:30 pm at the Clark Art Institute.
On select Mondays, when the museum is closed to the public, specially trained educators guide open-ended conversations about art and how it celebrates our shared humanity.
Free, but advance registration is required. To register, call the Education Department Coordinator at 413 458 0563; accompanying care-partners must also register.

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Letter: Comment on DEI in Mount Greylock School Budget

To the Editor:

"Mount Greylock School Committee Members Push to Keep Diversity Post in Budget" (March 27) prompts responses from Lanesborough, Williamstown and other towns that send their students to the Mount Greylock Regional School District.

The DEI position has been a source of controversy since its creation. There is little, if any, disagreement that our communities want our schools to be welcoming and free of bias. The controversy stems from determining the best way to achieve this goal. Superintendent McCandless was spot on when he said that advocating for the schools "in complete isolation of the bigger picture ... is not a good recipe for actually getting a budget through town meeting. It is not a good recipe for building a long and respectful relationship with the community you depend on for financial support."

I urge the Mount Greylock Regional School District to reach out now to the sending communities with specifics about the initiative. They may have done this somewhat before, but there is still a great deal of uncertainty about what Superintendent McCandless described as "[an] ethically and morally mandated position."

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