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Letter: Problematic Proposed Lenox Short-Term Rental Bylaw

A town can regulate the number of days a short-term rental may be utilized under the newly passed statute: but this additional restriction based on who owns the premises is a regulation of ownership and not use.

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'Parasite': For Richer or Poorer

Expect no answer to the problem in this film but just a good old college try courtesy of Joon-ho Bong who, with co-writer Han Jin Won, astutely delves into the complex tapestry of the relationship between the landed and the impoverished.

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Veteran Spotlight: Seaman Nichols Witness to History

Nichols was on duty on Sept. 2, 1945, and about 100 feet from the signing of the Japanese surrender document on the Missouri.

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'Motherless Brooklyn': Yes, Collusion

If you're that particularly obnoxious sort who has to let everyone in the theater know your uncanny skill at guessing the plot, shh! But for my kindred spirits who, like me, can't figure these things out for the proverbial million dollars, you have to decide whether or not to trust that the director will ultimately tie things up in a manner that will win your satisfaction. I voted in the affirmative.

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Letter: Blackmer Brings Expertise to City Council

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, I encourage everyone to vote for Lisa Blackmer for North Adams City Council.

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Letter: Women's Political Caucus Endorses Blackmer, Harpin

These women are demonstrably fierce advocates for social justice and passionate, collaborative leaders. With their voices in City Hall, they will ensure a bright and thriving North Adams for all.

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Letter: Support Breen for McCann School Committee

We are writing this letter to support an outstanding husband and father in his campaign for a seat on the McCann School Committee.

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'Judy': As Illustrated by Renée

Just as a picture says a thousand words, when it's done right the emotive belting out of a song opens a window into the soul of the artist. And Zellweger does it right.

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Letter: Vote for Mayor Tom

Mayor Bernard has committed himself to working to create a successful, inclusive and safe community, and I think he has earned the right to stay in his job.

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Letter: Vote for Bernard

I have had the pleasure to engage with him on some recent projects for North Adams and the support and excitement he brings to the table is impressive.

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Letter: Bernard Has Earned Second Term

Mayor Tom Bernard is a leader who demonstrates his competencies through hard work, intelligence, open-mindedness and commitment to guiding our city through this period of growth and investment.

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'Pain & Glory': Regret & Joy

In self-imposed hiatus and exile from his storied career when we meet him, Mallo is an anxious confluence of nostalgia, regret, uncertainty and just a little glimmer of hope that might just be our wishful thinking.

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Letter: Tom Bernard for North Adams Mayor

Tom Bernard, the mayor of North Adams, shows up. Everywhere. And he would do more if only there were more hours in a day.

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Letter: Susan B Anthony Statue Should Be Placed at Town Hall

However, I am really concerned about hiding the Susan B. Anthony statue there where few people traveling through Adams will be able to see the great statue of their native daughter.

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Letter: Cities Not Looking for 'Holiday' Trees

The cities of N Adams and Pittsfield are NOT looking for Holiday trees. They ARE looking for Christmas trees.

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Magical Wings Herald Unique Airlift for Dragonflies

As far back as the Devonian Period, some 340 million to 400 million years ago, insects invaded the dry land, guided by a still mysterious force enabling an aquatic nymph to become a terrestrial flying dragon capable of feeding and reproducing its own species with certain ease.

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Letter: Resources Available to Stop Vaping

Vaping by youth has become what the U.S. Surgeon General calls an epidemic and many people are working to find solutions. I'm asked frequently what can be done to turn the tide, and now new resources are available to educate youth and help those who want to quit vaping.

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'Ad Astra': Stellar Search for Self

But while the movie's crystal ball-inspired doodads, gewgaws and thingamajigs are perhaps sublimated to suggest the deal with the Devil they insinuate, the profoundness of what might come to be is spookily evoked in Pitt's performance. His embodiment of the hero it'd take to navigate the Big Brother-inspired anxieties of this prophesied world is sublimely perceptive.

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HiLo North Adams Welcomes Comedy Night to the Region

HiLo North Adams entertained a near-capacity audience on Thursday night for its inaugural Comedy Night, headlined by comedian Monroe Martin.

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'Downton Abbey': King of the Soap Operas

It is a soap opera on steroids, here polished to a buff equaling the shine of the Grantham silverware which, by the way, becomes a minor issue.

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Letter: To the Voters of North Adams

I want to thank everyone who lent me their signature, their support, or even just an encouraging word along the way.

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'Hustlers': The Tacky Laps of Luxury

We are reminded yet again how little we've evolved since first we rose from the primordial mud. But methinks there's more to the deplorable modus operandi of the moneyed bigwigs who make like smalltime Caligulas at the uptown strip joints.

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Narcan: A HOPE to Save Lives

For these reasons and more, I was floored to learn that first responders in Massachusetts are not required to carry Narcan on their persons or in their vehicles while they are on duty.

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