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Veteran Spotlight: Marine Sgt. Joe Henebury

Sgt. Henebury and other Marines would be on a ship 22 days, stopping briefly in Okinawa to get supplies and ammunition, before making an amphibious assault in Vietnam.

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Letter: MCLA Homeless Shelter Should Have Had Public Input

I question MCLA's President Birge's commitment to education and to our North Berkshire community.

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Letter: Kudos North Adams Police Department

Praise to members of the North Adams Police Department:

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Letter: Disappointed With MCLA Decision on Shelter

I read with disappointment MCLA's decision not to move forward with proposed housing for the homeless on their campus. I have also been reading with even greater disappointment, the commentary surrounding the proposed location.

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Letter: Mobile, Trailer, Modular, Stick Built — What Is It?

The name "mobile homes" was a simple name change to make this type of home seem better and preferable to what they were originally called, "trailers."

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Veteran Spotlight: Jeanne Bokina Christie, Red Cross

served her country as a "Donut Dollie" during the Vietnam War. I found her to be full of positive energy with an amazing, fun-loving personality. It was easy to see the tremendous impact that she had on our soldiers in Vietnam.

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Letter: Electronic Voting at Town Meeting

This year, for the first time in Williamstown, we're proposing the town use electronic voting for town meeting.

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Letter: Disappointment in Local Leadership to secure Shelter Solutions

Not one person who works professionally in housing services stood against this project. You have completely ignored the insight and guidance of our professional helping community.

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Berkshire Wild: A Cooper Has Landed

This stately accipiter, a Cooper's hawk, is an infrequent visitor to my avian diner complete with railings where seeds large and small are laid out for any and all local birds braving the cool of winter.

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Column: Young Wildlife Belong in the Wild

When people see young animals alone, they often mistakenly assume these animals are helpless or lost, in trouble or needing to be rescued. Bringing young wildlife into a human environment often results in permanent separation from their mothers and a sad ending for the animal.

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Letter: Ordinance Would Address Police Negligence

One of the major differences between my proposed ordinance and the recently enacted state law has to do with an exception wherein a police officer need not intervene if he feels he would put himself in harm's way.

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Letter: Many Unanswered Questions Related to Family Homeless Shelter

We need to call for some critical community conversations with MCLA prior to the action(s) they propose to fill a vacant building.

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Letter: Homeless Families at MCLA a Misguided Effort

One thing is certain, purposefully concentrating more poor people in already poor places appears to be the rule.

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Letter: Clickers, Crickets & Cliques in 01267

It's no secret that I feel strongly that Williamstown's town meeting is broken and should be largely replaced by the Australian ballot at the town election.

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Letter: Disappointing Responses to MCLA Homeless Proposal

The stereotypes of homelessness have been alive and well among our local leaders and among the public. The conjured images of filthy drug addicts pushing shopping carts and begging for money have been splattered across social media and whispered over back fences.

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Letter: Accessing Benefits From Recent Climate Legislation

The Berkshire chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby and its partners are hosting a free public forum on the evening of Monday, April 3, that will highlight recently passed climate legislation and the opportunities available to local governments and their constituents.

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Letter: Homeless Housing in MCLA Dorm is NOT the Solution

Initially, I was not against the idea of MCLA's president, Jamie Birge, announcing plans to open a currently empty dorm building for housing homeless families, however, the more I've talked with neighbors and friends, the more I believe it's a horrible idea.

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Letter: CHP Supports MCLA Homeless Shelter

CHP Berkshires wishes to express its support for repurposing a dormitory at MCLA into a residence for homeless families.

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Letter: MA State Building Codes — Shower Glass

We need an amendment to our state law that allows for an affidavit or detailed stickers to be used in lieu of etching, which involves use of a toxic chemical.

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Letter: Comment on DEI in Mount Greylock School Budget

I urge the Mount Greylock Regional School District to reach out now to the sending communities with specifics about the initiative.

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Agriculture Counts: March 2023

This is a monthly column from the Northeastern Regional Field Office of USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

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Veteran Spotlight: Airman 1st Class Tim Flynn

Tim Flynn served his country in the Air Force as an airman first class from 1963 to 1967 and is a Vietnam veteran.

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Guest Column: Quit Smoking for Valentine's Day

If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, on this Valentine's Day consider taking the first step toward quitting smoking, vaping or using other tobacco.

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