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'Ordinary People': The Truth Will Set You Free

In thinking back on those salad days through rose-colored glasses, Dave's pretty Mom looks just like Mary Tyler Moore's Beth Jarrett, the female lead in Robert Redford's "Ordinary People," a beautifully embroidered opus about the tragic chink in the armor of a family of privilege. She likes things just so. Well, gosh, who doesn't?

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'Planes, Trains and Automobiles': Conveys Friendship

What Hughes so passionately delves amidst the slapstick, cacophony and nutty incongruity of two vastly diverse men tossed into screwball circumstances is that, while you rarely make new friends in adulthood, if you do it is a blessing.

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'My Man Godfrey': High-Class Struggle

What's actually funny is that conversations like the following might very well be taking place inside the mansions you survey on a Sunday drive. Y'know, those exurban castles that make you dizzyingly ponder, who lives there?

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Letter: Vote YES on 2 for Ranked Choice Voting

There are only two things a voter needs to know when using RCV before casting a ballot. First, instead of voting for one candidate, you rank them in order of preference. As simple as ranking candidate choices in order of preference may be, opponents repeatedly argue that this is "too confusing" for voters. This is a preposterous insults to voters' intelligence.

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Butterflies Like it Hot at Mountain Meadow

As I watched the commotion at a clump of bergamot, a cabbage white flit leisurely close to me, as if its curiosity led it within an arm’s reach to check me out. Many species will fly close to you, personalizing my studies, and endearing a recognition of reassurance. That warms the soul.

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'My Favorite Year': Vintage Laughs

The pairing makes for a heartwarming, soulful commentary about the human condition, wonderfully evoked in a series of deliciously memorable moments, stitched together with notable comic savvy.

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Letter: MGRS Needs More Responsible Approach to Field

With a majority of the School Committee members being replaced in November – which makes me wonder why the current committee is pushing for a decision now – I'm looking forward to open, reasoned and responsible dialogue and approach to decision-making in the future.

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'Hoosiers': A Tale of Two High Schools

To the backdrop of provincial America, circa 1951, playing counterpoint to Myra and Norman's pithy, running contemplation of the human condition, Shooter's tragicomic interjections win the camera's favor with the near imperceptible finesse of a shooting guard stealing the ball.

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'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington': When the Good Guys Win

We anguish, laugh, smile and are put on tenterhooks as Mr. Smith, going through every mental and physical contortion, pleads before the Congress his case for truth, justice and the American way with a fervor perhaps only equaled by Daniel Webster's petition before the Devil.

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Letter: Standouts to Support Public Higher Education

To call attention to the benefits of public higher education as well as to highlight the need to adequately fund our institutions both locally and statewide, there will be two community standouts on Friday, Oct. 2, from 5-6 p.m.

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Letter: Response to Bilal Ansari and DIRE

Bilal, I truly want to understand you. I truly want our community to be the best we can be. If I have not made clear my responses to any of your questions, please let us continue this conversation.

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Letter: Residents Repudiate Neighborhood's Racially Restrictive Origins

Residents repudiate neighborhood's racially restrictive origins in a commitment to inclusion.

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'Peggy Sue Got Married': Life, on Second Thought

While the usual moral lessons about the 20-20-hindsight, a la "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946), integral to tales of time travel counsel us not to beat the horse that brought us to our present circumstances, there is a refreshingly delivered, stardust quality in Peggy Sue's genre update.

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Letter: Police at Williamstown Elementary

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'Fatso': The Diet of Pagliacci

Alas, mixed into each laugh-evoking whimsy about the rituals and idiosyncrasies that play into pigging out, there lies in wait the dark truth. And while you're feeling terrible about what society erroneously labels a lack of willpower, thoughts about the impoverished, starving millions not blessed with your curse of overabundance doesn't help.

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'The Last Hurrah': Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Politics, But Were Told Not to Ask

It's cheap, divisive, and keeps two levels of the underclass in tow. Inequitably overtax the bourgeoisie and there you've funded your dominion. It's old school. When you're the minority that's been in power since time immemorial, you get rather canny at controlling the majority.

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Letter: Trump has Committed a Crime

He appears to have committed a criminal act and should be prosecuted, and at least prevented from committing more criminal acts. Wake up, people! This man is using our freedoms to destroy those very freedoms. He is a danger to our nation.

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Letter: Vote for Integrity

The person who occupies the White House in Washington, D.C. today just openly encouraged his supporters to break the law, by voting twice — once by mail, and once in person — suggesting that this would "test the system."

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'The Last Picture Show': End Credits in a Texas Town

Yet, for all the adult themes set against this backdrop of fatalism and resignation, sure as a tree grows in Brooklyn, a coming of age tale in rural Texas won't be denied its albeit brief day in the sun.

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Letter: Thank You to North Adams Firefighters

I wanted to express my appreciation to Steve Meranti, fire chief, and all the firefighters that responded quickly to my home, Wire Inspector Mike Lescarbeau and Assistant Wire Inspector Mitch Meranti and electrician Pete Milesi.

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Chilling Snow Storm Draws Apprehensive Avian Migrants

Wearing a rosy red kerchief about neck and breast, the male bird shows a black hood above and a surrounding white below, black wings and white wing bars, and black and white tail.

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Letter: Morse Will Bring Progressive Values to Washington

Alex encouraged me to cast aside the hate, derision and patronizing comments to focus on what really mattered: the needs of the people in Ward 5. He told me to have faith in the voters but, first and foremost, have faith in myself.

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Letter: Vote For Alex Morse

As a sometimes songwriter, my recent song, "Ripped," expresses why we should vote Morse on Sept. 1:

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'Friendly Persuasion': Love, Quaker Style

Now, Jess Birdwell, a handsome, strapping fellow who could probably lick many times his weight in such misguided naysayers, feels no need to prove his fearlessness. Real heroes never do.

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