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Letter: Cannabis Cultivation in Williamstown

After a year of consultation, public forum, debate, site visits and research the Planning Board is proposing changes to the current bylaws that would restrict where and how cannabis can be grown.

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Veteran Spotlight: Airman Ben Hamilton

From Lackland, Hamilton was assigned to the former Chanute AFB in Illinois, where he worked in the highly dangerous capacity as a specialist, dealing with liquid oxygen and nitro for the jet fighters.

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Turkey Vulture Has Landed

In terms of nesting sites, vultures prefer rocky cliffs, caves, grottos, and crevices. Visit Wikipedia and check their data on nesting places that included abandoned buildings, open fields, and old logs.

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Veteran Spotlight: Spc. Jake Gaylord

It was an absolute pleasure to interview this week's Veterans Spotlight feature. Jacob "Jake" Gaylord served his country in the Army National Guard for six years as a specialist.

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Guest Column: Expand Vaccine Eligibility to Higher Education Workforce

Despite MCLA's swift pivot to offering much of our instruction remotely throughout the pandemic, many members of our workforce, especially those involved in direct student contact, continue to work on campus and face exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace.

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Burning Crosses Across the Berkshires: KKK Thrived Locally 100 Years Ago

The klan had a significant presence in the Berkshires by the early 1920s, at least. At first, locals traveled to meetings in nearby areas of Connecticut and New Jersey, but soon began holding meetings locally with hundreds of attendees, and large regular induction ceremonies.

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Letter: Hinkell Family Thanks Community for Support After House Fire

We would like to thank everybody for their generous support during these tough times for our family. We greatly appreciate all of the donations, prayers, meals, and support that has been sent our way. We feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing community and we honestly couldn't have made it through this past week without all your help.

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Letter: Kudos to North Adams Vaccination Site

On Saturday, I experienced the most organized and well handled vaccine site at St. Elizabeth's of Hungary in North Adams. Not to mention, helpful, friendly and so very courteous. Everyone who help with this site should be commended. Hats off to all of you ... and, WELL DONE! ♥

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Letter: House Managers Misstate Historical Precedent for Impeachment

The argument that there is historical precedent for impeachment of officer holders that have left office has been grossly overstated by the House managers on the opening day of the trial of Trump's impeachment.

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Letter: Poor Journalism in Reporting Sullivan School Issue

The character of the neighborhood: would change no matter what type of housing they put there, admittedly more so with low income housing and the problems associated with the disease of poverty.

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Veterans Spotlight: Cpl. Tony Pastore

Tony Pastore served his country in the Air Force during World War II and, again after the war, as a corporal. At 96 years of age, he is a pure gem of "The Greatest Generation" with a fabulous voice to boot.

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Veteran Spotlight: Army Sgt. Terry McGinnis

At 27 years of age, Terry McGinnis is far ahead of his peers. An extremely humble, courteous and respectful young man, he served his country in the Army for six years, finishing with the rank of sergeant.

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Hoosic Riverside Stroll Reveals Incomplete Food Chain

By midsummer the river can decline to a shallow but steady slow flow, indicating that a serious drought has affected the decreasing level of life-giving water borne from mountain brooks, going dry well before wildlife complete their life-cycles.

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Letter: Vitamin D May Provide Covid-19 Protection

Taking Vitamin D-3 supplements may help protect us, especially those of us who are dark skinned. They are available at your local drug store and not expensive. Get the word out! We need to do all we can!

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Letter: Stop Photographing Injections

Why, are photographers insistent on showing us the INJECTION going into the ARM??

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'Ordinary People': The Truth Will Set You Free

In thinking back on those salad days through rose-colored glasses, Dave's pretty Mom looks just like Mary Tyler Moore's Beth Jarrett, the female lead in Robert Redford's "Ordinary People," a beautifully embroidered opus about the tragic chink in the armor of a family of privilege. She likes things just so. Well, gosh, who doesn't?

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'Planes, Trains and Automobiles': Conveys Friendship

What Hughes so passionately delves amidst the slapstick, cacophony and nutty incongruity of two vastly diverse men tossed into screwball circumstances is that, while you rarely make new friends in adulthood, if you do it is a blessing.

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'My Man Godfrey': High-Class Struggle

What's actually funny is that conversations like the following might very well be taking place inside the mansions you survey on a Sunday drive. Y'know, those exurban castles that make you dizzyingly ponder, who lives there?

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Letter: Vote YES on 2 for Ranked Choice Voting

There are only two things a voter needs to know when using RCV before casting a ballot. First, instead of voting for one candidate, you rank them in order of preference. As simple as ranking candidate choices in order of preference may be, opponents repeatedly argue that this is "too confusing" for voters. This is a preposterous insults to voters' intelligence.

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Butterflies Like it Hot at Mountain Meadow

As I watched the commotion at a clump of bergamot, a cabbage white flit leisurely close to me, as if its curiosity led it within an arm’s reach to check me out. Many species will fly close to you, personalizing my studies, and endearing a recognition of reassurance. That warms the soul.

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'My Favorite Year': Vintage Laughs

The pairing makes for a heartwarming, soulful commentary about the human condition, wonderfully evoked in a series of deliciously memorable moments, stitched together with notable comic savvy.

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Letter: MGRS Needs More Responsible Approach to Field

With a majority of the School Committee members being replaced in November – which makes me wonder why the current committee is pushing for a decision now – I'm looking forward to open, reasoned and responsible dialogue and approach to decision-making in the future.

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'Hoosiers': A Tale of Two High Schools

To the backdrop of provincial America, circa 1951, playing counterpoint to Myra and Norman's pithy, running contemplation of the human condition, Shooter's tragicomic interjections win the camera's favor with the near imperceptible finesse of a shooting guard stealing the ball.

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