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Review: 'Working: A Musical' Is Minimalist, Meaningful

A version of the 2012 revision with a score by multiple composers is now being presented at the Unicorn Theatre by the Berkshire Theatre Group. It's an excellent, though sparse, production that frequently cuts across the footlights and into our emotions.

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Review: 'Hair' is a Must See

This production of "Hair" is far more than good. It is astonishing! The unbelievable energy of the 15-member cast not only brings that troubling and exciting time of our history to life on the stage, it reawakens our spirits and our souls. We want to get on the stage to dance and protest with them.

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Coming Back Like A Song: Cabaret or Play?

The play has a few themes to write or not to write a rock 'n' roll music, mental illness, commitment but no real plot. No conflict. Certainly no narrative arc. Its more like a cabaret act.

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