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Wall Street's 'COVID Crash' Impacts Mount Greylock Field Disussion

Plans to build an artificial turf field at Mount Greylock Regional School may be sidetracked by a global pandemic that has dealt a serious blow to the funding source eyed for the project.

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Mazzeo Presses Tyer On Capital Projects Never Completed

The cracked and worn steps to City Hall stood between two mayoral candidates Tuesday night. Councilor At Large and mayoral candidate Melissa Mazzeo and Mayor Linda Tyer sparred during the City Council meeting over the lack of repairs to those steps. In 2015, a storm led to significant flooding in the basement of City Hall and damaged records.

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Pittsfield Councilors Split on Water/Sewer Rate Increase

The City Council is split on setting water and sewer rates for the next 18 months. In a 6-5 vote Tuesday night, the City Council's Committee of the whole approved the mayor plan to raise water rates by 20 percent and sewer rated by 50 percent starting on Jan. 1. However, the final decision has to be made next Tuesday and the council has requested more information before casting that vote.

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