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Brown Water Result of North Adams Hydrant Flushing

The Department of Public Services flushes the hydrants annually to clear any sedimentation in the water lines, which allows water to run clear again.

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Turocy Provides Answers to Pittsfield's Fire Hydrant Incident

The problem with a non-working hydrant during a fire on Tyler Street earlier in the year was the result of a "field decision" by the contractor to shut down two hydrants, according to Commission of Public Utilities David Turocy. In May, a home was fully engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. They quickly ran a hose to a hydrant on Plunkett Street but no water came out. They carried it up to the next, and again no water came out.

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Pittsfield Strengthen Rules On Contractors Following Hydrant Issues

Contractors must get written approval from city officials before shutting off the water to a contractor for now on. In fighting the blaze on Tyler Street on Thursday firefighters were unaware that the contractor hired by the city to upgrade the water line on Plunkett Street had turned off the valve. Firefighters hooked up a hose by no water came out. They, joined by citizens, police officers, and emergency medical technicians, had to run the host 500 feet down Tyler Street to tap into another

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