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Home From Afghanistan, Mount Greylock Vice Principal Settling In

Schutz addressed the 120-member class of seventh-graders in a midday meeting in the school's gymnasium, on his third day back after serving a year in the National Guard.

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Adams-Cheshire Ready For First Day of School

Despite a slight shake up in the administrative team, Adams Cheshire Regional School District is ready for the new school year to begin, say officials. Peter Bachli's departure this week to lead Morris Elementary School in Lenox has caused some more shifting around as the school district consolidates its grades from three schools to two.

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SU71 Thinking Of Future, Temporary Central Office Expenses

The tri-district knows it is will have an increase in costs for central office but at this point, they aren't sure what that'll be. The Mount Greylock Regional School Committee has hired an architect to help plot out the future of the central office. The new building project does not include space for the administration and that will be closed down next year.

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