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Heating System Repairs Eyed For Reid Middle School

PITTSFIELD, Mass. - A few classrooms at Reid Middle School have been shutdown because of high levels of carbon dioxide. Superintendent Jason McCandless said on Wednesday that recent testing done by the state revealed the issue in several classrooms. He said the elevated levels of carbon dioxide stems from the heating exhaust system and that will need to be redone in February. "We took them offline as heating season began out of an abundance of concern," McCandless said. McCandless sa

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Summer Building Work Authorized at Williamstown Elementary

The Williamstown School Committee last week decided to use the district's building renewal fund to address some summer maintenance issues for the 15-year-old structure. At a special Wednesday morning meeting, three members of the five-person panel voted unanimously to approve up to $84,283 dollars for three different contractors to do roof, window and masonry work at the school, which opened in 2002.

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