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Williamstown Con Comm Contemplates Adding a Trail on Conserved Parcel

At its July 9 meeting, the commission discussed a request from a former member of its body to install a trail on the Deans Lot, a 47-acre parcel off White Oaks Road.

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Completion of Lafayette Trail Celebrated in Hancock

During the American Revolution famed French Gen. Marquis de Lafayette played a significant role as an ally by the United States. So much so that President James Monrow invited him on a farewell tour of the nation in 1824, celebrating the country's 50th birthday. Lafayette traveled all 24 of the United States, including going directly across the Berkshires on his way to Boston.

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Legislation Extends Lafayette Trail From Hinsdale to Hancock

Lafayette's tour of the nation, done at the invitation of President James Monroe, took place between July 1824 and August 1825. The president envisioned the tour as a kick-off of the festivities for America's upcoming 50th anniversary.

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