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To the Editor:

When I vote on Oct. 10 in the Democratic primary for 1st Berkshire District state representative I will be voting for Stephanie Bosley.

Being that Stephanie is my wife, most would assume that this is a foregone conclusion. However, the reasons that she is my wife should matter to each and every voter when they choose to vote on Oct. 10. I knew I would marry Stephanie from our first date and I assure you that is not a line, ask anyone who knows me and you'll find this has been the story since the moment Stephanie left after the date was over. We spent time at a local pub getting to know each other and I quickly realized that every story and every experience she spoke about quickly redirected to everyone other than herself. She spoke about the family who supported her and taught her to care about others regardless of how well you know them. When discussing her educational experience obtaining her high school diploma at Drury High School, her bachelor's degree from UMass at Amherst or her master's from the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, she'd speak about all of the wonderful friends, educators and acquaintances she had met along the way who came from different backgrounds and environments than her own and how she had learned so much from them.

If you know Stephanie, you know that she cares about you. It doesn't matter how well you know her or for how long, she will always advocate for you and always speak up for you when you feel like your voice is not being heard. Isn't this something we all look for in the politicians that represent us? The position of state representative is quite easily translated to someone who needs to represent all of their constituents, regardless of how well known or influential they are perceived to be, across the state to ensure that we all have what we need to be successful.

Now Stephanie does not reserve this caring for people she knows personally. On that same first date, while we talked for hours, she spoke about other people who she had come in contact with. From homeless veterans at Soldier On to impoverished communities during her time in D.C. working for Black Women United to students she interacted with in the office of diversity and inclusion at UMass, the importance of making these people and other people like them lives better was extremely apparent. We all try our best, but this mentality of selfless devotion to improving other's lives is reserved for a chosen few. When I asked her about her vision for the future of Northern Berkshire where we both grew up, she spoke about the importance of young people like ourselves to become more involved and lend a helping hand to the previous generations who have fought so hard to improve it. She explained that the reason it was important for her to become more educated was to be prepared to take on significant roles in improving these areas and continuing the legacy of the selfless people before us.

Stephanie and I have been together for five years now and I have seen that all of the things she said on that night, a night where we became engulfed in such deep discussion that we forgot to even order food over the course of a four-hour date, were things that she truly believed. When you speak with her, she has a way of pulling you in and making you feel like you want to be part of her community; her team. You become invested in the things she speaks about because it is so clear that what she is saying is genuine. She makes you feel heard and ensures that you never feel alone in your own causes even if it is something she is learning about from you for the first time, because she is always willing to learn and hear your side. While many times in conversations it is a natural reaction for people to wait for the next opportunity to speak, Stephanie looks for every opportunity to listen and displays her ability to truly hear what you speak about. I have seen her spend countless hours working with volunteers and members of our community at places like the American Cancer Society, the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition, the town of Adams and the North Adams SteepleCats, when that type of commitment was not required of her. I have seen her spend hours upon hours with local businesses with the same organizations as well as 1Berkshire hearing about the unique concerns and obstacles running a business in a place as unique as Berkshire County can create. I have seen her work late into the night and continue to work long after I go to bed researching and studying information that can benefit these same people as well as the other people who these causes impact.

Stephanie is an intelligent, strong, thoughtful, caring woman who will serve all of us well. I assure you, she will not back down to anyone in Boston on any issue that she knows matter to the people of this community. I know, I've argued with her before! I have always been proud to call her my significant other, then fiancee and then my wife, but throughout this process of running for a seat that she holds so much respect for I have become even more proud of this incredible person.

She has spent time knocking on doors, meeting with community organizations, speaking with local businesses and learning from experts in different fields to identify the major factors that impact the people who make up this area. Whether it be school funding, solving the opioid epidemic, adult education or improving public transportation to name a few, she researches those causes, she identifies common issues and develops a plan. She develops a plan that incorporates the different ideas and concerns that she hears from all of these other people as well as herself. I can tell you that as a vocational teacher at McCann Technical School, I have heard enough people identify the issues from school funding to adult education. We are all intelligent people, we can identify the issues on our own. I want people who can build teams and communities that can solve these issues. Stephanie is that person. Stephanie is a community builder.

I am a business professional, a teacher, a husband and a citizen and I will gladly put my future in the hands of Stephanie Bosley. I know that she will care and put in the work necessary to be successful in helping others, she already has in everything else she's ever done. Please join me on Oct. 10 in voting for Stephanie Bosley for State Representative of the First Berkshire District and let's enjoy together the future that Stephanie and the other creative, intelligent people we elect this fall help to create for us.

Josh Meczywor
North Adams, Mass.

Meczywor is the "proud and lucky" husband of candidate Stephanie Bosley



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