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Howard Rosenberg is running for a three-year term on the Board of Selectmen.

Selectman Candidate Rosenberg Wants to Change Adams' Narrative

By Jack GuerinoiBerkshires Staff
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ADAMS, Mass. — Selectman candidate Howard Rosenberg wants to change the narrative in Adams.
"The reason I am running is because Adams is a winner, and we have a narrative that does not show that," Rosenberg said. "We define ourselves based on the past ... and the narrative of the past will not work in the future."
He is one of three candidates vying for two three-year seats in the Board of Selectmen in the Monday, May 3, election; the other two are incumbent John Duval and former board member Donald Sommer.
Rosenberg, a native of San Jose, Calif., worked as an engineer at General Dynamics, where he earned an engineering excellence award for his manufacturing automation work on the F-
16 aircraft. He went on to become a business executive and business consultant in both high-tech and traditional industries. 
He moved to Adams some three years ago and purchased the former East Renfrew school building on North Summer Street. He runs a yoga studio in the renovated building, now called Anahata Schoolhouse.
"I found Adams because I found a wonderful old school house … now that I am here, I got to know the people and I got to know the area and it is a hidden gem," he said. "I am an outdoors guy, and I spend a lot of time hiking, biking, and skiing. I can do all of that by walking out my front door."
Rosenberg, who has traveled the world, said he would bring a "fresh" and diverse background to the select board.
"I have lived in many places in the country and overseas, and I have experience with a lot of the issues Adams is facing," he said. "Economic development is one and another is education and taxes. I have a background in business and finance."
Rosenberg said he will use data to inform decisions and hopes to reframe problems to find positive solutions.
He has worked with people form different cultures and backgrounds and sees opportunities in bringing together people with opposing views.
"This is my comfort zone, and I thrive on it. I enjoy seeing people find common ground and putting their past disagreements behind them," he said. "They can think about a problem differently. It is a strength, not a weakness because now we have different perspectives to solve a problem."
Rosenberg sees opportunities in Adams and feels that if the town can harness its strengths, it could become a destination. He sees Adams as an outdoor recreation hotspot, especially in the post-pandemic world.
"We have opportunities like we never had before and people ... are moving to Adams they are moving to the Berkshire," he said. "We are sitting on an opportunity, and we need to be brought together with a common narrative. That is why community is the bedrock of my campaign because together we can solve any of these problems."


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