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To the Editor:

When I look at any election, I try to see it through a business lens. Cities and towns are essentially businesses, with budgets, customers, needs, wants, and challenges. As a voter, you are deciding who the city hires to be the next mayor. Similarly in business, you also look at resumes and look for patterns with your candidates.

Recently, a letter was published claiming that the insurance trust underfunding that occurred during John Barrett III's administration, and under the control and compliance responsibility of Jennifer Macksey as city treasurer, was not her fault. I would beg to differ — it is absolutely the responsibility of the treasurer to catch discrepancies/noncompliance and prevent them from happening.

The central role of a treasurer, in any organization including the city of North Adams, is to be the watchdog to assure sound financial management and fiscal compliance. This is done by clarifying financial implications of proposals, confirming legal requirements, outlining the current financial status, and retrieving relevant documentation. The role of an effective treasurer is to shine light on and expose financial shortfalls.

I like Jennifer Macksey as a person. I hope she succeeds if elected. However, it is troubling to me that someone who wants to be the leader of our city says she had nothing to do with the mismanagement of the insurance trust fund underfunding. There is absolutely no way a city treasurer wouldn't have known this.

During the term of the next mayor the city will likely receive grants and awards for infrastructure improvements and other items. Along with the dollars will come the responsibility for sound fiscal management and reporting. We must do it right going forward.

What our city needs at this critical juncture is someone who has a compelling vision and plan to move us forward during a time of change. There are many who feel Lynette Bond is that person. As a longtime city resident, community volunteer, taxpayer, and senior business leader at General Dynamics, I also believe Lynette Bond is that person

She has the expertise, resume, volunteer work and character needed to lead North Adams forward. She is consistently successful in executing major projects that impact others in positive ways. She is consistently investing in her community through service and advocacy. She is consistently present, not just not as a candidate, but as a neighbor. She is clearly the right choice.

John J Lipa
North Adams, Mass. 




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