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To the Editor:

In the nearly 40 years I've lived in North Adams — first as a student at North Adams State College and then making my home here with my wife — I've found mayoral politics to be divisive and full of mudslinging. I was always left to decide between the lesser of two evils. Or, the lesser of who cares.

When Mayor Bernard announced he would not be seeking re-election various people with little-to-no experience took out nomination papers to replace him. It was discouraging to see the quality of candidate it appeared we could be looking at as the city's next chief executive.

Things improved when Jennifer Macksey entered the race. She is someone with the experience who can walk into the corner office on Day One, roll up her sleeves and get to work. She has previously worked in many capacities for the city from working herself up from the Transfer Station to treasurer/collector of the city. She's worked at both the employee and management levels.

The mayor is also chairman of the North Adams Public School Committee. Jennifer's background at the Northern Berkshire School Union, Southern Vermont College and MCLA give her a great background to look at the needs of our schools — not just the buildings and students but also the needs of the teachers, teacher assistants and paraprofessionals who educate them. She can work to make sure we do everything possible to attract the best professionals to our schools to educate our future generations and future leaders.

Jennifer is open to ideas, willing to listen and easy to talk with. Gone are the days of mudslinging campaigns. The choice is clear and simple. I ask everyone to join me on Nov. 2 and vote for Jennifer Macksey as the next mayor of North Adams.

Paul Moriarty
North Adams, Mass.



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