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To the Editor:

I have struggled with whether or not to write this letter, and as I write it, am still struggling with the right way to say what I want to say. I am not a political person, and hope that I don't get the backlash that some do for putting their opinion forward. I was born and raised here in North Adams and John Barrett III was my teacher in fourth grade when he was elected, so I have experienced many elections, some more tumultuous than others.

This mayoral election has been a bit stressful for me since I know both candidates and many of their supporters, on both sides. I worked for Jennifer Macksey and I work closely with Lynette Bond currently. I have felt a bit of pressure to be loyal to someone I worked for and the assumption my vote is going in that direction. I do appreciate Jennifer's support of me while I worked under her so I hope that message does not get lost here.

Both of these women have great qualities to lead our city and I'm confident that we will be just fine with either one sitting in the corner office.

For me, working with both of these women, it is coming down to the style of leadership. I see one as being a bit more cut and dry, and the other having a softer approach to issues but gets the job done. I have seen both exert power just in different ways. I know our city needs a bit of both of these type of leaders, but each of us have our own preference.

After watching the campaigns unfold, keeping an eye on the social media posts, the campaign letters, and the style of outreach, I will be casting my vote for Lynette Bond. Lynette's leadership style and experience outside of city government is just what I think our city needs.

Bonnie Howland
North Adams, Mass.



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