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Pittsfield High graduates toss their caps on Sunday.

PHS Class of 2022 Joins the History of 'Home Under the Dome'

By Brittany PolitoiBerkshires Staff
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The graduates turn their tassels after receiving their diplomas on Sunday. See more photos here. 

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — For the second year in a row, Pittsfield High School seniors gathered on the back lawn under the dome to bid farewell to that chapter of their lives.

Class President Kayden Lovallo acknowledged the eclectic nature of the 184-student class of 2022 that shared an overarching value: pride for their school.

"We are a collective of artists, musicians, athletes, mathematicians, scientists, and so on. All very different, but connected by a current of pride for our school," Lovallo said to her peers during commencement on Sunday.

"I have never known a group of people more passionate about their interests and just as compassionate about each other's. And it's made for some remarkable moments."

The ceremony included musical performances from the school's band, chorus, and orchestra and a rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Alexa Hilts. The string performance marked conductor Alla Zernitskaya's last with the students, as she is retiring after almost 30 years in the Pittsfield Public Schools.

Principal Henry Duval, who is also retiring, explained that PHS was built at the height of the Great Depression because citizens wanted their children to get a good education in a state-of-the-art building no matter how bad the economy was.

"Ninety years later, I cannot honestly say that as a physical building PHS, would still be considered state of the art any longer," he joked.

Duval pointed to the school's issues with heating, flooding, and the public's unfounded concerns that the ivy on the front of the building is destroying it. Quirks aside, he said physical aspects do make a school, it's the people inside that do.

"Each day when you walk up the same front steps as the students in the fall of 1931 when PHS was opened, you walk the same halls, imagine the stories those walls could tell that they could speak, all that has happened within these walls over 90 years," Duval added.

"And over the past four years, all of you have contributed to that story. You have become part of PHS and PHS has become part of you. The memories will stay with you forever. It is in the building that many of you have met friends that will last your lifetime. You've had teachers and staff that you will always remember for they have guided and supported you for these four years,"

He closed by saying that the PHS dome is a beacon for both the school and the city of Pittsfield.

Class speaker Ethan Callahan highlighted the strain that the COVID-19 pandemic put on the class of 2022's high school experience and the relief of returning to "normal." The pandemic began in March of the students' sophomore year.

"Stomp stomp stomp. Is that an elephant? In this room? Oh, it's the COVID pandemic," Callahan said.

Callahan went on to describe the awkward experience of virtual theater class, falling asleep during a Zoom meeting, and the horror of realizing that your microphone is not muted when talking to yourself during virtual gym class.

"Then, in late April, we were able to put on our spring musical, Pippin, with free faces. We were able to sing without masks. We were able to act with our full expressions. I was able to put on a performance without COVID-related regrets. It was satisfying," they said.

"While for much of the senior class, this may have been an extremely stressful year, rushing to finish college applications, attempting to find a job, and scrambling to figure out what you actually want to do for the rest of your life, we can now fondly end with a year as close as possible to the 'normal'' we hadn't seen in years. We are together again, in a way we hadn't been during Zoom calls, ed puzzles, foreheads on camera, and accidentally unmuted microphones ...

"PHS is a community again. For real."

Student Council President Molly Sherman shared that she failed her first geometry test at the school as a freshman but was able to retake the test and pass. She learned how to evaluate mistakes and move on from them at that moment and it stuck through the rest of her high school career.

"It took four years to get here, four long years of firsts and lasts plenty of triumphs and failures, beginnings and ends but within all of those endeavors is a never-ending stream of in-betweens," Sherman said.

"The lessons we've learned in the classroom at PHS will be forever ingrained in our minds. The moments and lessons in between each of those will last a lifetime. Those moments and lessons will follow us from our past to our future and everywhere."

Sherman and fellow graduate Madison Crouse were the emcees of the graduation. The two conducted their announcements in the same way they conducted the morning announcements at the school.

During the ceremony, Superintendent Joseph Curtis presented the Karl Boyer McEachron Award to Sydney Ferris.  

The award is given annually to a graduating high school senior from PHS or Taconic High School in recognition of outstanding academic achievement, community and extracurricular involvement, dedicated work ethics, and an express preference for making engineering or science a lifetime career.  

It consists of a plaque and a scholarship, which was $1,000 this year.

PHS Class of 2022 Awards and Scholarships

The Pittsfield High School class of 2022:
Marlon Alcin PPVA
Mia Alexis Alfonso
Isabella Dianne Ameen*+
Nick Apprey
John Robert Archey+
Delmonte Armo Asilijoe
Phoebe Beverly Bailey
Kimberly Anayeli Barahona
Jake Thomas Bassi
Julia Marie Baumann
Jordynn Elizabeth Bazinet
Antonia Paz Bedard Torres
Lucas Joseph Benoit+
Vivian Leona Berard
Isabelle Grace Berkel+
Natalya Ruby Bigelow
Benedicta Achiaa Bonsu
Isaiah Giovanni Boone
Emily Elizabeth Bradford*+
Peter Michael Breitmaier*
Maggie Eileen Burke*+
Ethan Mei Callahan
Dylan James Campoli
Bashee Tyriq Canada
Andre' Laurent Carty
Megan Ann Castro
Liam James Chalfonte++
Blake Jordan Chandler
Dale Patrick Christiana
Antonio Marcus Cimini
Cody Clemons
Mackenzie Collins PPVA
Charlotte Rose Coco*+
Carson Thomas Connolly
Jason Eugene Constanza
Arianna Mia Coppola*+
Kieran Tighe Coscia*
Madison Marie-Lynn Court+
Madalyne Elise Creamer*+
Lauren Maryjean Crocker
John Paul Crockwell
Michael Patrick Cronin
Madison Marie Crouse*+
Isabella Chervon D'Aniello+
Justice Benjamin Daniels
Kaylease Demary
Tyler Andrew Demary
Samantha Rhea Depson
Kayleigh Marie Dewey
Jonathan Walter Douhan*+
Justin Patrick Doyle
Sean Michael Duffy
Lucian Stanley Dupont-Leblanc
Nehemiah Kodjo Ezan
Sydney Ava Ferris*+
Jeremiah Tylik Fields
Shyah Jenay Figueroa
Elandro Remo Garzone Ellsworth
Milton James Gasson
Tyler Michael Gaudette
Tobias Jimari Gaulden-Wheeler
Elsiauna Louise Germann
Anthony Michael Giardina
Clara Giroux*PPVA
Deondre Goines
Gabriela Samara Gonzalez Hernandez
Geneviene Nicole Gordon
Michael David Grady*+
Kaden Michael Griffin
Vanessa Lynn Hall
Alex Matthew Henner*
Aidan Michael Hillard
Alexa Marie Hilts+
Ashley Jane Hoisington*
Bailey Ryan Hyatt
Kenneth Nathaniel Udell Jackson
Malaysia Kanise Jackson
Prince Thomas Aquinas Kaku
Kaylee Rose Kearns
Genevieve Keeler PPVA
Aidan Patrick Kennedy-Mutz*
Monique Mariah King
Ryder Scott King+
Peter Gabriel Kirian
Noah Paul Kramer
Kira Ann Krzysztof
Pariss Nicole LaForest
Jessica Lee Gerrish Lamoureaux*++
Jossalinn Leggette
Brooklynn Jade Lewis
Calvin Thomas Lewis
Kira Leonore Litchfield
Lauryn Nicole Little+
Kayden Darlene Lovallo*+
Brady Matthew Loveday
Abriana Shaye Lummus*+
Aidan Joseph Mack
August Rose Mack
Avery Keagan Mackie
Gianna Rose Maddalena*+
Deborah Nyameboam Maison*
Jazmyn Majors PPVA
Madelyn Grace Malumphy*+
Patrick Liam Manning
Brigette Dawn Marcil*+
Cameron David Martin
Hannah Josephine Masiero+
Ryan Massey PPVA
Brandon Rudolph Mazzeo*
Tess Kathleen McCluskey*+
Luke Peter Mele*+
Jonathan Tyler Mestre
Amber Lynn Middlebrook+
Donald Augusto Miller
Amy Montero
Christabel Nda Morkeh
Brendan Patrick Muller
Ryan Murray
Lucien Malachi Nash
Kiera Nicholls
Sophia Huynh Nguyen
Isaac Nicola
Lucas North PPVA
Dillynn James Oberholtzer
Jonathan Antwi Ofori
Adam Lahcen Oubtrou
Abbie Lily Paoli
Leila Fiana Paredes++
Amelia Catherine Pecon+
Bella Rose Penna+
Alyssa Petell
James Charles Petell
Makenzie Denise Peterson
Anthony Shadee Posey
Caleb Michael Potts
Alyssa Taylor Potvin*+
Damario Pellem Powell
Mia Paige Powers
Zachary Anthony Pupo*
Derek David Quintero
Chase Daniel Racine
Bethany Rose Renaud
Mackenzi Joy Ressler
Louis Victor Rhodes
Elisabeth Mary Richman+
Patrick Christopher Rindfuss*+
Gloria Beatriz Rodrigues De Souza*
Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Ribeiro
Diego Omar Rodriguez
Iesha Danielle Rosario Hope Ann-Marie Ross
Sophia Rose Santos*
Sarai Savoury Eagle St.
Jenna Elise Schwartz
Gwendolyn Carol Scorpa*
Jonathan Seddon
Diya Kayur Shah*+
Jacob Robert Shaw
Hannah Elizabeth Sherman*
Molly Erin Sherman*++
Julian Aaron Shuster
Brandon John Silvano
Ashley Elizabeth Smith*
Emanuel Luis Sola
Davon Terrell Solomon
Carmello Southard-Crump
Austin Sovereign-Thomas Eagle St.
Quintin Matthew St. John
Zander Lee St. Leger PPVA
Hayden Michael Stimpson
Haley Cheyenne Stone+
Zachary Thomas Sullivan
Hailee Talarico
Anthony John Telladira++
Elodie Severine Theriault*PPVA
Musa Kanye Thompson
Isolena Rae Ungewitter*+
Ashley Alejandra Victoriano
Taylor Theresa Vidoli
Paige Marie Webster++
Joseph August Weinberg*
Collin Eric Wellman*
Isabella Nims Witherell
Anthony Valerio
* National Honor Society +2022 Class Council ++Student Council

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