McCann Honor Roll

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NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — McCann Technical School's first quarter honor roll.
High Honors 
Abuisi, Nicholas 2023
Belanger, Vivianna 2023
Belisle, Camryn 2023
Blanchard, Seth 2023
Booth, Collin 2023
Boyer, Molly 2023
Canales, Samantha 2023
Champney, Isabella 2023
Ciempa, Erin 2023
Covello, Vincenzo 2023
DeBenedetto, Noah 2023
Demers, Owen 2023
Diesz, Christopher 2023
Durocher, Cameron 2023
Durocher, Madeline 2023
Gamari, Alexis 2023
Gamari, Renae 2023
Gaylord, Zachary 2023
Girard, Alexander 2023
Glasier, Emily 2023
Gwozdz, Mireille 2023
Hartwig, Josephine 2023
Hayer, Addison 2023
Kipp, George 2023
Lake, Matthew 2023
Lennon, Keira 2023
Liang, Ivan 2023
Livsey, Aaron 2023
Loughman, Thomas 2023
Marko, Colby 2023
Marsh, Catryna 2023
McGrath, Lucan 2023
McGrory, Daniel 2023
Medon, Ryan 2023
Meehan, Lillian 2023
Modena, Devon 2023
Montoya-Alvarado, Jacob 2023
Moran, Cordelia 2023
Morin, Max 2023
Morse, Riley 2023
Mroz, Lauren 2023
O'Neil, Katlyn 2023
Patterson Jr., Jeremy 2023
Perreault, Christian 2023
Robert, Jasmine 2023
Rousseau, Sean 2023
Shustack, Jacob 2023
Sumy, James 2023
Sunn, Christopher 2023
Tatro, Hannah 2023
Thomson, Ashley 2023
Touponce, Jacob 2023
Tullo, Jacob 2023
Vallieres, Emma 2023
Ward, Lily 2023
Whitman, Chloe 2023
Williams, Haley 2023
Wnuk, Troy 2023
Wojcik, Brenna 2023
Wood, Rosemarie 2023
Arnold, Emma 2024
Astorino, Shaun 2024
Barrett, Ty 2024
Boisvert, Hannah 2024
Buda, Austin 2024
Carver, Tiana 2024
Chen, Addison 2024
Codogni, Mia 2024
Durocher, Jonathan 2024
George, Emily 2024
Gilman, Nicholas 2024
Graves, Carter 2024
Harrington, Amy 2024
Heidel, Alexa 2024
Hildabrand, Gisella 2024
Kanelos, Courtney 2024
King, Sara 2024
Lachman, Ariel 2024
LaForest, Gavin 2024
Lawson, Svea-Marie 2024
Lescarbeau-Mason, Jaydon 2024
Little, Maggie 2024
Little, Tyler 2024
Mazza III, Walter 2024
McGrory, Joshua 2024
Melito, Matthew 2024
Nicol, Ashlee 2024
Nimmons, Sarah 2024
Parkman, Michael 2024
Peck, Ashton 2024
Perras, Jaden 2024
Puntin, Eric 2024
Rathbun, Madison 2024
Reed, Brayden 2024
Roy, Joseph 2024
Rozon, Noah 2024
Scott, Keeghen 2024
Selby, Anthony 2024
Shafer, Athena 2024
Stoppiello, Jada 2024
Tassone, Troy 2024
Thomson, Kaitlyn 2024
Vallieres, Rebecca 2024
Walden, Connor 2024
Allen, Mackenzie 2025
Bean, Lillian 2025
Bowman, Alexandria 2025
Boyer, Alexander 2025
Coviello, Ace 2025
Damone, Brent 2025
Davis, Evan 2025
Dean, Christian 2025
Denette, Caleb 2025
Dozier, Aleathia 2025
Driscoll, Logan 2025
Elias, Antonio 2025
Francesconi, Sofia 2025
Gordon, Kaleb 2025
Hallock, Bryanna 2025
Hayden, Brodie 2025
Hilton, Evan 2025
Hopkins, Tobey 2025
Hopkins, Trace 2025
Houle, Trinity 2025
Lancia, Griffen 2025
Luczynski, Nathan 2025
McDermott, Alexander 2025
McGrath, Noah 2025
Mcguire, Devin 2025
Meyette, Paige 2025
Mongeon, Meghan 2025
Moran, Camryn 2025
Nielsen, Connor 2025
Odell, Nicholas 2025
Poette, Kevin 2025
Poirot, Connor 2025
Politis, Ian 2025
Raymond, David 2025
Reid, Sophie 2025
Rhinemiller, Brody 2025
Roberts, Liam 2025
Rougeau, Devin 2025
Rougeau, Eric 2025
Rylander, Lukas 2025
Sagendorph, Brady 2025
Sawyer, Julian 2025
Stefanik, Ava 2025
Tatro, Evan 2025
Thompson, Talan 2025
Touponce, Joshua 2025
Trombley, Jackson 2025
Turner, Dylan 2025
Wells, Aubrey 2025
Anderson, Abigail 2026
Bentley, Arthur 2026
Bills, Alisandra 2026
Bolte, Brady 2026
Booth, Nolan 2026
Bradbury, Zackary 2026
Brodeur, Landen 2026
Buck, Kolton 2026
Cellana, Rocco 2026
Champney, Aiden 2026
Connors, Thomas 2026
Davignon, Tanner 2026
Driscoll, Gabrielle 2026
Dubreuil, Tyler 2026
Foucher, Hayley 2026
Fredenburg, Ethan 2026
Gage, Stephen 2026
Gagne, Eli 2026
Hall, Ehryn 2026
Holland, Ryleigh 2026
Howland, Zachary 2026
Hubbard, Koleigh 2026
Hubby, Kylee 2026
Jacobbe, Gianna 2026
Kaczowski, Ashley 2026
Kanelos, Noah 2026
Kincaid, Leyla 2026
King, Nicholas 2026
Kondel, Kamilia 2026
Kondel, Nora 2026
Kratz, Ava 2026
Lane, Emerson 2026
Lawson, Shaylee 2026
Leclair, Landon 2026
Lemaire, Jaxin 2026
Lincoln, Rhea 2026
Meaney, Andrew 2026
Miller, Jonathan 2026
Moran, Sage 2026
Parkman, Riona 2026
Peck, Boden 2026
Poirot, Liam 2026
Pratt, Derek 2026
Rathbun, Ryleigh 2026
Roeder, Matthew 2026
Rondeau, Mason 2026
Rougeau, Kyle 2026
Rylander, Carson 2026
Senecal, Rider 2026
Smith, Amari 2026
Smith, Jayden 2026
Tatro, Natalie 2026
Therrien, Elizabeth 2026
Tower, Jackson 2026
Ward, Nora 2026
Wesolowski, Justin 2026
Witto, James 2026
Wohrle, Maggie 2026
Ziemba, Taylor 2026
Braman, Noah 2023
Bugbee, Jacob 2023
Cooper, Jack 2023
Dellaghelfa, Karissa 2023
Hartley, Isabella 2023
LaSalle, Julia 2023
Livsey, Joshua 2023
Pause, Dominick 2023
Pierce, Colin 2023
Smith, Austin 2023
Stapleton, Ethan 2023
Stokes, Jacob 2023
Tatro, Macey 2023
Todd, Nathan 2023
Valotta, Matthew 2023
Wehrle, Brianna 2023
Abuisi, Nolan 2024
Boulger, Chloe 2024
Brockway, Christopher 2024
Daignault, Jeffrey 2024
DeMayo, Dominic 2024
Hamilton, Arianna 2024
Haskins, Daniel 2024
Howland, Jacob 2024
Keeler, Marah 2024
Layden, Collin 2024
Lescarbeau-Mason, Jared 2024
McAllister, Lauren 2024
McKeon, Aiden 2024
Miller, Brandon 2024
Oakes, Michael 2024
Packard, Connor 2024
Rand, Malia 2024
Ranzoni, Miranda 2024
Richardson, Katherine 2024
Sobieski, Avianna 2024
Vanuni, Khloe 2024
Varcoe, Kaitlynn 2024
Wade, Shane 2024
Wehrle, Reese 2024
Whalen, Ryan 2024
Whitney, Brian 2024
Denette, Ethan 2025
Dupee, Zoe 2025
Dzbenski, Dillon 2025
Marko, Dakota 2025
Maxwell, Cole 2025
McLenithan, Caleb 2025
Melito, Jadyn 2025
Moser, Nora 2025
Patenaude, Ryan 2025
Pierce, Benjamin 2025
Pringle, Braedan 2025
Reynolds, Brooke 2025
Speed, Lily 2025
Stack, John 2025
Thompson, Musa 2025
Turoczy, Amber 2025
Wood, Haley 2025
Bourdon, Dylan 2026
Boyce, Mackenzie 2026
Breard, Jackson 2026
Carrier, Julian 2026
Cooke, Marlee 2026
Ellsworth, Skyler 2026
Gaffey, Ella 2026
Hamner, Daunte 2026
Irace, Logan 2026
Knapp, Juliet 2026
Lacasse, Aaron 2026
LeBlanc, Macaela 2026
Ouellette, Keegan 2026
Robison, Bryce 2026
Tremblay, Aidan 2026
Wells-Vidal, Gabrielle 2026
Williams, Ayden 2026

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Adams COA, Town Seek Funds for Memorial Building Bathrooms

By Brian RhodesiBerkshires Staff

ADAMS, Mass. — The Council on Aging is still waiting to transition its programming from the Visitor Center to the Memorial Building and is looking to the Community Development Department for help. 

The COA has been waiting for additional bathroom facilities to be completed for the facility, but the council and the town have so far been unable to obtain grant or other funding for the work.


COA Director Sarah Fontaine said they are working with Community Development to find funds for the bathrooms and other small improvements, including increased entrance accessibility, renovations to the former music room and fixed windows. 


"I had voiced my concern. It's a very extensive list, I don't expect that it will all be done before we transition over. The only need is the bathrooms," Fontaine said. 


At last week's Board of Selectmen meeting, Community Development Director Eammon Coughlin said he looked into using Community Development Block Grant funds for the project. He said, however, that the Memorial Building is ineligible.


"The guidance we received from [the state Department of Housing and Community Development] has basically told us that the building is ineligible for funding because we already received funding in 2018," he said. "There has to be five years between the application for senior-center type projects. So based on that guidance, I don't believe Memorial School is eligible for funding."  


Fontaine also mentioned the auditorium in the building, which the town plans to renovate separately as a future capital project. 


"It would be nice as a senior center to have the auditorium available for guest lectures and other things like that," she said. 


Moving staff to the Memorial Building now while keeping programming at the Visitor Center, Fontaine said, is not an option. She noted that the Hoosac Valley Regional School District had previously expressed interest in using the second floor of the Visitor Center for its office space. 


"I was very firm in saying, logistically, it's hard for us to manage things just being upstairs. It's going to be very difficult if we're off site to try and manage programs downstairs," she said. 


In other business: 


  • The Council on Aging is looking for volunteers to fill vacancies on its advisory board. It filled one of the vacancies on Wednesday, appointing Barbara Ziemba. Ziemba, an active participant in the COA, had already filled out the paperwork needed for her appointment. 


"I have attended many COA activities, volunteer, and am a member of the Friends of the Council on Aging and attend meetings. I have been interested in being a member of the Board of Directors for some time. Please consider my appointment to the board," Ziemba wrote, explaining in her paperwork why she was interested in the position.           


The group also discussed two other vacancies on the board and potential candidates to fill them. Two members have been unable to attend recent meetings for health reasons. 


  • The board voted to approve updated bylaws. The bylaws were revised and written primarily by Board Member Elizabeth Mach. 


"I just wanted to make a comment, or rather an appreciation, for Liz for taking this project on," Fontaine said. 


The new bylaws have a provision to allow honorary members. Fontaine said there are currently no honorary members. 


The board appointed Bruce Shepley as the board's chair to replace Barbara Lagowski, who filled one of the now vacant member seats. 

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