Colonial Gardens Without Water Due to Private Line Water Main Break

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PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Colonial Gardens residents are on day two without water due to a water line break that occurred Sunday morning, Jan. 22. 
Repairs were delayed Sunday because of unforeseen soil stability issues that made it difficult to complete the repairs safely and without disruption. 
"They found some substrates that are high in concentrations of sand and that makes it difficult to maintain the excavation open in a safe manner," Public Services & Utilities Commissioner Ricardo Morales said. 
Colonial Gardens residents were notified that the Highview Drive complex would be without water for another day on Sunday.
As of 12:34 p.m., Colonial Garden management has asked its residents to use the exits as the entrance is closed. Repairs are projected to be complete in a couple of hours.
Earlier on Monday, the city released a statement indicating that the property owner has been working toward repairing the break and has been in communication with the Pittsfield and Dalton water departments.
As work continues, the impacted area has increased but a shutdown to other Pittsfield areas beyond that will not be necessary. 
The city has received reports that the area of impact has increased to the Elm Street area, south of the area,  and toward the west in the Highland street area. 
This break has resulted in discolored water. This will continue as repairs are underway for residents in these areas. 
The discoloration is caused by a velocity disturbance in the pipes caused by increases and decreases in pressure that agitates the iron particles in the pipes.
The discoloration is not harmful to consume. Morales said that if used to clean clothes, there is a risk they will stain. 
Those who experience discoloration in their water, are encouraged to run cold water on their faucets until the water clears up.
CodeRED communications were shared with the residents of the impacted neighborhoods when the break occurred Additional CodeRED messages will be shared today to Pittsfield residents. 
If discoloration does not improve, contact the Water Department at (413) 499-9339.
Those not currently signed up for CodeRED notifications, register here: Community Notification Enrollment (
Additional updates will be shared as necessary.

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