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McCann graduates 123 seniors on Wednesday night in the Amsler Campus Center at MCLA.
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Graduates shake their glow lights and cheer during a video presentation of the last several years of their high school time.
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McCann Tech Graduates Lauded for Commitment, Kindness

By Tammy DanielsiBerkshires Staff
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Principal Justin Kratz addresses the graduates. Look for more photos later. 
NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — Graduates from McCann Technical School were advised to thank the many people who helped them to their success and to recognize the strength and value within themselves. 
The diploma presentation was a noisy affair as family and friends cheered and stomped their feet on the bleachers in the Amsler Campus Center at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts as the 123 graduates applauded each every classmate on Wednesday night. 
Valedictorian Christopher Sunn said every single member of the class, and everyone in the gym, has measurable value defined by their character, their compassion and their actions. 
"We should recognize that each person possesses individual talents, strengths and perspectives that contribute to each of our lives. Our value was in the diversity of our experiences, our impact, and the limitless potential that lies within each and every one of us," he said. "So let's use today to acknowledge our personal growth in ways that cannot be represented by something as simple as a greater test score."
It is their kindness, empathy and integrity that allows all of them to form lasting connections and make positive impacts, Sunn said, and they should remember that success is not a solitary endeavor, but a collective effort.
"Success to me is rooted in personal growth and having a positive impact in the lives of other people," he said. "Always remember that your talents, your perspectives, and your actions have enriched our collective experience. So embrace your worth and celebrate yourselves because you've earned it."
And with that he led the class in turning their tassels, completing the awarding of their diplomas by Superintendent James Brosnan and School Committee Chairman Gary Rivers. 
Rivers has given a multitude of speeches as a former principal of the school. On Wednesday, he told the class they had made a tremendous accomplishment and congratulated them on their hard work, dedication and commitment. 
"If you haven't developed a philosophy of life, maybe it's time to start thinking about it," he said. "Perhaps these few words can get you started, or at least provide you with some thought: Always do the right thing. Especially when no one's watching. When you stumble, make it part of the dance. And remember there's a point in every relationship and friendship where friends stop being friends and become brothers and sisters. Welcome to the McCann family."
Salutatorian Molly Boyer told her classmates that their graduation was a major accomplishment. 
"The class of 2023 is extraordinary in many ways and we have grown into extremely mature, responsible and kind young adults," she said. "We have developed a new sense of independence and perseverance. McCann has provided a foundation established a discipline and given us the skills we need to succeed."
Rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future, Boyer told the graduates to make an effort to be in the moment.
"Today's not so much ending as is the beginning as we turn the page to a new chapter. I want you to remember this," she said. "This is a blank page. You are the author and every day is a new opportunity to be a part of the change you want to see in the world. I encourage you to work hard, take risks, learn from your mistakes, and be patient, honest and kind."
Principal Justin Kratz recognized two longtime members of the school community who were departing: girls soccer coach Michael Dowling and information technology instructor Perry Burdick. 
Dowling had been coaching for more than 20 years, Kratz said, and Burdick was retiring after 29 years. 
The principal reiterated some of the points that the students speakers had made about kindness and integrity and that, he said, should leave the gathering "feeling hopeful about our future" in a seeming chaotic world. 
"You have grown into extremely mature, responsible and kind young adults," he said, adding he wanted to add a twist to Ghandi's quote about being the change in the world.
"I'd like to challenge you all to be the standard you wish to see in the world," Kratz said. "Making through high school is a feat for anyone. You guys did it through a pandemic. There's nothing you guys can't handle."
The McCann Technical School Class of 2023
Advanced Manufacturing
Camryn Elizabeth Belisle
Collin Rorick Booth
Jack Harald Cooper
Noah Joseph DeBenedetto
Mireille Elizabeth Gwozdz
Nicholas Benjamin Howland
George Thomas Oscar Kipp
Madison Audrey Madole
Lucan Wayne McGrath
Lillian Dawn Meehan
Katlyn Paige O'Neil
Christopher Anthony Randall
Sean Anthony Rousseau
Dylan Sean Stockwell
Jacob Philip Touponce
Chloe Ruth Whitman
Rosemarie Lynn Wood
Coby Jacob Boudreau
Hailey Elizabeth Lee
Nicholas Mathew Newton
Shaylee Olivia Ryan-Guest
Haley Elizabeth Williams
Business Technology
Molly Elizabeth Boyer
Maria Jocelyn Gregory
Madison Ann Moon
Mia Marie Parise
Jalissa Marie Regan
Evan Russell Rose
Kali Ann Sumner
Macey Jean Tatro
Zachary Raymond Alvarez
Ian Thomas Ames
Aaron James Benoit
Isabella Lily Champney
Karissa Marie Dellaghelfa
Gavin Robert Eastland
Lane Michael Kurpiel
Aaron Thomas Livsey
Joshua Michael Livsey
Thomas Michael Loughman
Lauren Rita Mroz
Sean Michael Mullen
Hayden Francis Singer
Jacob Michael Stokes
Logan Michael Traversa
Caleb Richard-Joseph Vittorio-Ballard 
Brianna Joan Wehrle
Computer Assisted Design
Riley Elizabeth Beaumont
Alex Elise Bird
Noah Carter Braman
Samantha Lee Canales
Erin Lee Ciempa
Cameron Russell Durocher
Alexis Anne Gamari
Isabella Ryan Hartley
Matthew Aaron Lake
Colby James Marko
Daniel Sean McGrory
Max Wotkowicz Morin
Jeremy Ross Patterson Jr.
Christian Lewis Perreault
Jasmine Lee Robert
Christopher Joseph Sunn
Ashley Lauren Thomson
Jacob Elliott Tullo
Brenna Mary Wojcik
Culinary Arts
Vivianna Grace Belanger
Hannah Elizabeth Decker
Maia Xue Di Lego
Giovanni Nicholas Errichetto
Josephine Nicole Hartwig
Julia Grace LaSalle
Keira Aurella Lennon
Alexis Marie Luczynski
Riley Marie Morse
Berrick Daniel O'Keefe
Colin Zachary Pierce
Nicholas Vito Abuisi
Ethan Ryan Corkins
David Michael Delisle
Owen Edwin Glen Demers
Madeline Jean Durocher
Alexander William Girard
Daniel Brian Gogan
Ryan Michael Medon
Devon Nikolas Modena
Jacob Parker Gustavo Montoya-Alvarado
Dominick James Pause
Austin Lee Smith
Troy Xavier Wnuk
Information Technology
Vincenzo Giulio Covello
Renae Patricia Gamari
Zachary Noel Gaylord
Anastasia Selena Girard
Emily Rose Glasier
Addison Rose Hayer
Jonathan Patrick Lewis
Ivan Liang
Catryna Jean Marsh
Samara June Maxwell
Cordelia Rose Moran
Charlie Hopper Myers
Taylor Lynn Paree
Ethan Joshua Stapleton
James Scott Sumy
Hannah Marie Tatro
Emma Janiece Vallieres
Matthew Valotta
Joseph Ashley Vareschi
Metal Fabrication
River Thomas Alpi
Bryce Christopher Bachand
Seth Alfred Blanchard
Jacob Haskins Bugbee
Christopher Jacob Diesz
Jordan Anthony Greenbush
Owen Samuel Hoffman
Hunter Douglas Klein
Izabella Marie Lamore
Lucia Eve Pantano
Jacob Paul Shustack
Nathan James Todd
Lily Catherine Ward
Kolby Alexzander Yorke

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