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Geraldine Leamon,80

Geraldine Leamon (née Bland) was born a Yorkshirewoman on December 12, 1941 in Batley, England, to John and Doreen Bland (née Brook), but did not meet her father until 1944 when he returned from the North African campaign.

As a girl Geraldine attended Gregory Street School with her brother (David) Ian Bland before successfully sitting the national 11+ examinations two months after her tenth birthday, which admitted her to Batley Girls Grammar School. At BGGS Geraldine, while captaining the school field hockey, tennis and netball teams, developed her love of languages and French in particular. As a teenager she participated in a student exchange with her French penpal, the first of many visits throught her life to the country whose language, literature, music and culture she adored. Her talent for languages led her first to the University of Leeds where she studied French and Russian, then on to a Masters at Texas Tech and postgraduate studies at the University of Texas, Austin where her chosen research field was Medieval French Literature, focusing on the works of Marguerite de Navarre in the early 16th century. Not only was Geraldine a talented linguist but she was also a first class teacher, communicating her passion for languages and literature to students of all ages, including adults, in both England and the US.

Geraldine married Tom Barton Leamon in Lancashire, England on July 1, 1967 and over the years repeatedly reoriented her studies and career path as his appointments led them from England to Chicago to Texas and finally to Massachusetts. Throughout their travels around the world, she continuously made new friends as business colleagues and students alike, responded to her open mindedness and interest in them, their personal circumstances and life styles.

A fierce Democrat and supporter of gender equality, she devoted much of her time in recent years to completing the NYT crossword each morning, exercising her faithful Oscar and avidly tuning into MSNBC each evening - unless she was completing jigsaws with her daughter and granddaughters, often staying up late into the night to do so. Her love for, commitment to and pride in her children, Amanda, Jonathan and Genevieve, were matched only by her love for her grandchildren, Amalia, Annie, Sophie and Anthony, who are deeply missing their Mum, "Grama" and Grandma America.

While expressing her love of life in the Berkshires, she would inevitably bemoan the lack of access to the ocean, a longing developed from childhood holidays at the beaches of the often grey North Sea and later from youthful sojourns on the blue Mediterranean.

Her ashes will be committed to the Atlantic at a family remembrance gathering late in June. To add to the Book of Memories, please visit




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Recollections & Sympathy For the Family
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Tom and Gerry, a cherished couple... I always so enjoyed spending time with the two of you and I will be forever grateful for the generosity and kindness that you have both always shown me, and in more recent years, my family. Whether it be in person or over email, I loved to talk politics with Gerry and hear her perspective on both the US and the UK. I was always impressed by her culinary expertise and the effort she went to for her guests. And I so admired the homes she created and felt so welcome and comfortable in them when I came to stay. You are sorely missed but you leave behind a legacy of love and warmth.
from: Emma Leamonon: 02-14-2023

Before the pandemic, I enjoyed the visits to the lake house in Maine, then the beautiful big house in Williamstown every winter and summer. Gerry always welcomed me with her smile and talked about her life story with gentle and soft voice. One of her adventures happened on the way to Carlsbad Caverns national park with her daughter, both of them were safe by a Samaritan’s help who looked like a bad guy. This story really stunned me!
It’s hard to believe that there will be no chance to see her again. I truly miss her!
from: YuhYunon: 02-10-2023

I had my pleasure with my ex-wife Phoebe to visit Tom & Gerry many times in Lubbock, Texas, Hopkinton, and Williamstown in MA. I ejoy the good time with the couples talking about life, families, Oscar (her dog), and many other issues. Gerry is a good friend and a very kind elder to me. It was very unfortunate that I couldn't see her since the COVID-19 was spreading. I believe Gerry is now resting in peace. I miss her greatly.
from: Kaiway Lion: 02-08-2023

We had the pleasure of having a good time with Gerry and Tom at conferences and their homes. We enjoyed the meals that Gerry and Tom cooked from scratch for us and they always refused us to help with the cleaning after the meals. We saw her last in the fall of 2016 at their home. Right before we departed, she gave us a hug. What a nice lady! We will miss her.
from: Wen and Ginaon: 02-04-2023

Dear Tom and family, So sorry to learn of the loss of Gerry. She was a special person and friend. I’ll always treasure our shared interests, and the great times we had together. May time and your loving memories help heal your loss.
from: Audrey Clarksonon: 02-04-2023

Gerry was a very special person. Years ago, we would gather in Hopkinton with the LMRIS group to passionately cheer the Boston Marathon runners. It was always a pleasure to chat with her about grandchildren and the journey of life. Gerry was a great inspiration to me. With sadness and deep respect,
Krystyna GP
from: Krystyna Gielo-Perczakon: 02-04-2023

Gerry and I grew up in the same community in Yorkshire and we always had fun reminiscing about old school friends, teachers and neighbors. She also reminded me that she came to my mother for piano lessons. I didn't even know she was in the U.S. until a mutual friend in the U.K. told me she and Tom were living in Hopkinton. It was wonderful to reconnect and then to visit them in Williamstown on several occasions. I miss our conversations. My sincere condolences to Tom and all the family.
from: Valerie Baxteron: 02-04-2023

Time spent with Gerry at her home in Williamstown are cherished memories of the joy of reading and the beauty of the place we called home. My condolences to Gerry's family.
Pat Greenberg, Damariscotta ME
from: Patricia Greenbergon: 02-03-2023

Tom, I am so sorry for you loss. Sending love and light to you and your family.
Valerie Schwarz
from: on: 02-02-2023

I was lucky to have met Gerry in a book group. She was a lively reader with good observations to share. One other member of the group was also a native of England and they had common bonds to share. We were all deeply sorry to hear of her passing. Quite a shock. Thinking of her husband, daughters and grandchildren.
from: Susan Schneskion: 02-01-2023