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Pittsfield Seeking New Location For Pontoosuc Lake Beach

Parks and Open Spaces Manager James McGrath asked the committee Monday for permission to spend down the balance of the city's Community Preservation Funds to find a new location for the beach.

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Boards of Health Issue Advisory on Algae Bloom in Pontoosuc

The state Department of Public Health has identified visual evidence of algae in Pontoosuc Lake that may exceed the department's guidelines for recreational water bodies in Massachusetts.

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Wetlands Derails Restoration of Pontoosuc Beach

Wetland issues have derailed planned improvements to Pontsoosuc Lake Park. The Friends of Pontoosuc Lake received $15,000 from the Community Preservation Act with the intent to restore the beach on the Hancock Road side. The city's Parks, Open Space and Natural Resource Program Manager Jim McGrath, however, said it was found that the former beach has essentially turned into wetlands.

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