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Historical Echo, Irony in Williams College Cancellations

Another connection between the two. The 1970 strike disrupted the final semester for Miller and his classmates at the college. And in 2020, they were scheduled to hold their 50th class reunion in Williamstown the weekend of June 13.

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Pittsfield Ceremony Honors Vietnam Veterans

She was just a young child but Mayor Linda Tyer remembers watching soldiers returning from the Vietnam War on television. Her mother had a silver bracelet etched with the name of Francis Edward Visconti, a soldier from Syracuse, N.Y. that was serving overseas. Such bracelets featuring the names of soldiers were worn by women back home and wasn't supposed to be taken off until the soldier returned.

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Lanesborough Bridge Dedicated to Vietnam War Hero

As a kid, Gregory Aloysius Noonan would meet up with his best friend Tom McKnight and head to the miner road bridge to fish and crack jokes. As they grew older and the Vietnam War came, Noonan was far from that brook. But he was there with pride, defending the United States of America. He was quite decorated too.

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