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State Launches Public Awareness Campaign to Teens on Healthy Interactions

Sometimes a teenager will take to social media to rank about another. It causes riffs between the two individuals. The original poster's friends ask what it was all about and they respond they were just venting. That's when the friends should step in and tell the poster to go talk to the individual about it. That is a better way to solve problems.

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Polito Touts Housing Choices Bill in Williamstown

The Act to Promote Housing Choices would lower the threshold for most zoning bylaw amendments related to housing from its current two-thirds "supermajority" to a simple majority vote.

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Polito Announces $9.6M in Energy Resiliency Projects for Hospitals

As the climate becomes ever more volatile, storms have forced the evacuation of hospitals. Massachusetts doesn't want to see that happen here. On Thursday, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito announced $9.6 million in grant awards to nine hospitals to build "resiliency."

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