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North Adams Dangerous Dog Situation Appears Muzzled

The male dog has yet to be neutered because the veterinarian is "booked out" so it won't happen for a couple months, Loholdt said. However, with the female fixed, there would be no more chances for puppies, she affirmed in answer to a question.

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Ocean State Job Lot Makes Donation to North Adams First-Responders

Ocean State Job Lot has donated $11,000 worth of personal protective equipment to city's first-responders.

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Newest Pittsfield Police Advisory Group Holds First Meeting

The newly created Police Advisory and Review Commission got its feet wet at its first meeting on Tuesday. The newly crafted committee is eyed to serve as a liaison between the Police Department and the community. It is the most recent iteration of a public safety focused citizens group after a previous one fell to the wayside.

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