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DOJ Bringing 'SPIRIT' Program to Area Schools

The Department of Justice is bringing training to the county to help prevent racial violence in the schools. Superintendent Jason McCandless said Central Berkshire Regional School District had headed an effort to bring in the department's Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together (SPIRIT) program and invited other districts to send representatives to the first meeting. McCandless said eventually the goal is to open to a wider region.

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Mount Greylock Audience Urged to Have 'Courage' to Fight Racism

So there's work to be done and that work will involve white people doing the heavy lifting, he told the couple hundred people who came out on March 6 to hear his presentation in the brand new Mt. Greylock auditorium.

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Guest Column: We Are Too Great to Hate

There is no room on our campus for any kind of hateful rhetoric or action. As always, messages of hate and vitriolic actions against marginalized groups are not tolerated at MCLA. Our community is "Too Great to Hate."

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