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Pittsfield Schools Also Concerned With Government Shutdown's Impact

North Adams isn't the only municipality worried that the government shutdown could lead to the end of the free lunch and breakfast program. Assistant Superintendent Kristen Behnke reported Wednesday night that the schools have two months worth of savings in the bank account to keep the program going but if the shutdown continues, the program's funds would run dry. Behnke said the city has $774,000 to keep the program going but it costs $400,000 a month to run.

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Federal Shutdown May Pinch North Adams School Lunch Program

The School Department's food services rely on the U.S. Department of Agriculture to fund 97 percent of all of its food programs. Those funds are reimbursed on a monthly basis.

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Clarksburg School Clips Summer Break to Extend Construction Season

School gets out on June 23 to make up seven snow days (to date) after a rough winter. And they'll be heading back into the classroom on Aug. 28, the Monday before Labor Day.

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