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Turkey Vulture Has Landed

In terms of nesting sites, vultures prefer rocky cliffs, caves, grottos, and crevices. Visit Wikipedia and check their data on nesting places that included abandoned buildings, open fields, and old logs.

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Grasshopper and Spider: One jump too Many Into Oblivion

Therein lurk in floral disguise their natural predators, the spiders. Many species garner bold arresting colors that in contrast may deter predators by announcing their yellow and black warning colors of hidden toxicity.

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Kids Get Up Close With Big Reptiles at North Adams Library

Jade, and a half dozen or so other exotic creatures from Uncharted Wild of Troy, N.Y., had a roomful of children oohing and aahing at the library on Thursday. The event was sponsored by the Friends of the North Adams Public Library as part of the programming for the February school vacation.

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