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Linda Tyer chose to launch her campaign from the steps of St. Mary's, a former church complex undergoing a $6 million renovation into market-rate rentals that's been a symbol of the potential rebirth of Tyler Street.
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Former Mayor James Ruberto says Tyer as the leadership the city needs.
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City Council President Peter Marchetti and School Committee Chairwoman Katherine Yon, to his right, both spoke on behalf of Tyer.

Tyer Racks Up Endorsements for Re-Election Campaign

By Jack GuerinoiBerkshires Staff
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Tyer is seeking a second four-year term in November. 
PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Linda Tyer launched the final phase of her re-election campaign from the steps of St. Mary's church on Thursday, backed by a host of current and former elected officials.
The mayor is putting the spotlight on the Morningside area as she seeks a second four-year term in the corner office. 
Tyer pointed down the street to where her grandmother grew up and said, if elected, she wants to continue the city's "next great renaissance" in Morningside and on Tyler Street.
"It takes persistence, it takes a lot of energy, and it takes someone who believes in proving results," former Mayor James Ruberto said in endorsing Tyer. "It takes leadership — and that is what we have in Mayor Tyer — and leadership is what we need to continue to have in the next four years."
Ruberto listed some of the city's accomplishments under Tyer's leadership including attracting a Wayfair call center that's bringing 300 jobs and, more recently, Electro Magnetic Applications Inc. to the under-construction Berkshire Innovation Center.
He also mentioned the Morningside and Tyler Street area that Tyer targeted as an area in the city to improve — specifically the very property the group was standing on currently being transformed into market-rate housing at an investment of more than $6 million.
"It's fitting because it shows Mayor Tyer's vision and transforming this wonderful neighborhood and making it something that is very safe and secure which my parents and many of our parents remember is not an easy task," he said.
A number City Council members also stood behind Tyer and Council President Peter Marchetti went through some of Tyer's accomplishments as a councilor and as mayor that saved the city and its employees money. 
"I believe that Linda has the qualities that are important to getting the job done," he said. "She is a collaborator, a team player, and someone who knows when to stand her ground and when to compromise to achieve the end goal."
School Committee Chairwoman Katherine Yon also spoke in support of Tyer and said she has watched her grow over the years on the School Committee. She said Tyer understands the issues the schools face and is a champion of the school district and its students.
"It is not a time to change," Yon said. "It is time to see that Mayor Tyer gets another four years and continues working for the young people of Pittsfield and the kids who belong to all of us,"
Tyer thanked all of those who have endorsed her, including former Mayor Gerald Doyle, state Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier, state Democratic Committee member and former Register of Deeds Mary K. O'Brien and former council Presidents Gerry Lee and Kevin Sherman.
"Having all of these amazing people stand with me today just fills my heart because in a 100 different ways each one of these leaders has taught me something, inspired me, and encouraged me to keep going," she said. "So to have them stand with me today is very meaningful and very special."
She added that she looks forward to talking about the city's accomplishments and future accomplishments as her campaign gains steam.   
"As we move forward through this we are going to talk about all of the things that we have accomplished and where we are going next," she said. "We are going to make the case why we believe that we deserve another term in the mayor's office."
Tyer will face off against City Councilor Melissa Mazzeo after both were the top vote-getters in the preliminary election last week. 

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