Lee High Awards & Scholarships for 2021

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LEE, Mass. — The following awards and scholarships were presented to the Lee High School class of 2021.
Greylock Federal Credit Union Community Enrichment Scholarship: Asa Stone
Scholarship in Memory of Mark Drury given by the Applewynd Acres: Owen Bush
Adams Community Bank Scholarship: Christopher Petrescu
Timothy Shepardson Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Gabriel Kelley
Michael Salinetti, David Scarpa Sr. Memorial Scholarships: Lena Simone, Lydia Simone
Friends of Veterans Scholarships: Lena Simone
Class of 1966 Scholarship: Garrett Roche
Kelly Lyn Coty Scholarship Fund: Owen Bush, Lucas Bombardier
Hank Greiner Memorial Scholarship: Colin Durken
Berkshire Mechanical LLC Scholarship in Memory of Richard Santolin, Richard Belanger: Megan Consolati
Peter D. Fraser Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Hannah Simmons
South Lee Fire Company Scholarship: Zachary Bianco
Thornton Kinney Memorial Scholarship for the Arts: Madailein Demler
Kiwanis Club of Lee Inc. Scholarships: Molly Macchi, Lena Simone, Makenna Albee
Christy Marie Rich, Eric Monk Memorial Scholarship: Dominic Williams
Girls Soccer Booster Club Scholarships: Ellie Miller, Lena Simone, Lydia Simone, Carly McElroy, Hannah Simmons, Lauren Durken, Kaylyn Retzel, Molly Macchi, Maeve Finnegan
Boys Basketball Booster Club Scholarships: Lucas Bombardier, Colin Durken, Evan Heath, Gabriel Kelley, Camden Redstone
Tyringham Fire Company Scholarship: Garrett Roche
Evan Colbert Memorial Scholarship: Mateo Machado
Lee Youth Soccer Scholarships: Ellie Miller, Lena Simone, Lydia Simone,Lauren Durken,Carly
McElroy,Kaylyn Retzel, Molly Macchi, Hannah Simmons, Maeve Finnegan
Lee Gridiron Club Scholarships: James Purcell
Lee Volleyball Booster Club Scholarships: Katelyn Clark, Erin Brisebois
Lee Lady Wildcats Basketball Booster Club Scholarships: Lena Simone, Lydia Simone, Katelyn
Clark, Hannah Simmons
Lee Retired Educators Scholarship: Katelyn Clark, Madailein Demler, Molly Macchi, Kaylyn Retzel
Lee Land Trust Scholarship: Asa Stone
Girls Inc. of the Berkshires Boraski Scholarship: Evelyn Layden
G. Marconi Lodge,Sons of Italy Scholarship in Memory of Deceased Members: Megan Consolati
Lee Education Association Scholarship: Kaylyn Retzel
CTSB-TV Scholarship: Zachary Bianco
Town of Otis Scholarship: Makenna Albee
Frank Consolati Junior Sons of Italy Scholarships: Lucas Bombardier, Megan Consolati, Makayla
Bona, Hannah Heath, Peyton Heath
Berkshire County Arc Scholarship: Ellie Miller
Chang-Chavkin Scholars Program Scholarship: Cindy Ni, Annie Maloney
Becket Scholarship Fund: Megan Consolati, Christopher Petrescu


Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award: Asa Stone
Senior Awards in Englísh: Asa Stone, Annie Maloney
Senior Awards in Math: Lena Simone, Daniel Snow
General Charles Lee Award in History: Colin Durken
Senior Awards in Science: Daniel Snow, Annie Maloney
Senior Awards in Art: Olivia Keiderling, Teresa Navin
John Philip Sousa Award for Band: Daniel Snow
Senior Award for English as a Second Language: Matheus Cunha
Senior Awards in Spanish: Amarie Victor, Cindy Ni
Senior Award in French: Dylan Boomsma
Senior Awards in Digital Art: Anna-Belle Beckwith, Megan Consolati
Senior Award in Video Production: Zachary Bianco
Senior Award in Carpentry: Mateo Machado
POP Perseverance Awards: Ashley Carrasquillo, Cameron Kickery

Lee High School Scholarships, Awards

Marjorie Wickham Memorial Scholarships: Makenna Albee, Megan Consolati, Olivia Keiderling, Molly Macchi, Ellie Miller, Kaylyn Reizel
Henry T. Zukowski Memorial Scholarships: Zachary Bianco, Lucas Bombardier, Maeve Finnegan, Gabriel Kelley, Sean Koperek, Molly Macchi, Ellie Miller, James Purcell, Camden Redstone, Kaylyn Retzel, Garrett Roche, Lydia Simone, Daniel Snow, Asa Stone
Richard C. Brunell Memorial Scholarships: James Purcell, Camden Redstone
John J. Boyne Memorial Scholarship: Olivia Keiderliing
BRP Scholarship: Dylan Boomsma
Drs. Charles & James Stratton Memorial Scholarship: Makenna Albee
Tri-Town Rotary Scholarships: Megan Consolati
Joe Maley Memorial Scholarship: Colin Durken
Michael R. Coty Memorial Scholarship: Sean Koperek
Andrew J. Bartini Memorial Scholarship: Cindy Ni, Ellie Miller
Lee High School Student Government Scholarship: Asa Stone
Comalli Electric Scholarship in Memory of James Mougin, George Comalli: Lydia Simone, Lena Simone
Scholarship in Memory of David Bailey: Molly Macchi
Scholarship in Memory of Mario Bona: Dylan Boomsma
Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Centennial Scholarship Fund: Madailein Demler
Scholarship in Memory of John J. Nagle: Teresa Navin
Joanne M. Keiderling Memorial Scholarship: Amarie Victor
Class of 1977, in Memory of Our Deceased Class Members: Makenna Albee, Hannah Simmons, Katelyn Clark, Amber Stearns
Lee Lions Club Scholarship: Anna-Belle Beckwith
Pease Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Durken
Minnie L. Baird Scholarship in Memory of Lena Beal: Amarie Victor, Christopher Petrescu
Scholarship in Memory of Richard Morin: Evan Heath
Mary Voght Memorial Scholarships: Asa Stone, Cindy Ni, Daniel Snow, Annie Maloney, Lena Simone, Makenna Albee,Amarie Victor, Lauren Durken, Erin Brisebois, Garrett Roche
Great Barrington Fish & Game Club, in Memory of Jesse Townsend: Amber Stearns
Scholarship in Memory of Heather Helen Hawley: Ellie Miller
Scholarship in Memory of Harry Wheeler: Lydia Simone
Ardella Donnell Memorial Award,Class of 1933: Katelyn Clark
Alba A.Pasco Memorial Scholarships: Akash Nair, Carly McElroy
Austen Riggs Erikson Institute Scholarship: Ellie Miller
Meg Cade Memorial Scholarship: Asa Stone, Makenna Albee
Bruce and John Stevenson Memorial Scholarship: Lena Simone
Lee Historical Society Scholarships
in Memory of Dolores I. Eckert, Marion M.Leach: Asa Stone
in Memory of Stephen A. Cozzaglio: Asa Stone
The Forfa Family Scholarship: Evan Heath
Lee Chamber of Commerce: Marie Toole Academic Scholar Award: Asa Stone; Joe Sorrentino Scholar: Athlete Award: Ellie Miller
Janice 'Sissy' Curtin Scholarships: Molly Macchi, Kaylyn Relzel, Evan Heath, Maeve Finnegan, Garrett Roche, Amber MacDowell
Given by Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hall Sr.
in Memory of Lou DiGrigoli: Camden Redstone
in Memory of Richard Franklin Retzel: Kaylyn Retzel
in Memory of Thomas J. Bush: Owen Bush
in Memory of Patrick K. Toomey: Makenna Albee
in Memory of Patrick McCarthy: James Purcell
in Memory of Karen Williams: Dominic Williams
Robert Lucy Memorial Scholarships: Evan Heath, Kaylyn Retzel
Richard Hawkey Scholarship, for love of literature and language: Annie Maloney
Marion Hawkey Scholarship, for kindness and service to others: Lauren Durken
Lee High School Music Parents Scholarships: Annie Maloney, Cindy Ni, Asa Stone, Colin Durken,
Nicolas Langley, Daniel Snow, Makenna Albee, Anna-Belle Beckwith, Madailein Demler, Hannah Heath,
Olivia Keiderling, Sean Koperek, Amber MacDowell, Robynn Miller, Teresa Navin, Amarie Victor

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Overnight Paving Operations in Lee

LEE, Mass. — The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) announced paving operations at I-90 westbound mile marker 10 (Interchange 10) in Lee, which will require the closure of the I-90 westbound on and off-ramps. 
The closure will be in place beginning on Thursday night, Sept. 21, at 7:00 p.m. until Friday morning, Sept. 22, at 5:00 a.m.   
The detours will be as follows: 
  • I-90 westbound off-ramp: detour will be I-90 westbound to Interchange 3 off-ramp, to Interchange 3 eastbound on-ramp, onto I-90 eastbound and back to Interchange 10 eastbound off-ramp. 
  • I-90 westbound on-ramp: detour will be Route 102 westbound to I-90 Interchange B3 westbound on-ramp. 
Appropriate signage, law enforcement details, and messaging will be in place to guide drivers through the work area. 
Drivers who are traveling through the affected areas should expect delays, reduce speed, and use caution.  
All scheduled work is weather dependent and subject to change without notice. 
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