North Street Three-hour Parking Rule Goes Into effect March 27

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PITTSFIELD, Mass. In the wake of advocacy efforts from the downtown business community, a three-hour limit for paid on-street parking will be in effect on North Street beginning Monday, March 27.
Signage reflecting the new parking rule will be installed throughout the downtown corridor.
The amended parking regulations were approved by City Council at the June 28, 2022 meeting. The boundary for three-hour metered parking on North Street will be from Park Square to Madison Avenue. The meters will be updated to reflect the time limit. The parking zone, 1012, will remain the same.
Commissioner Ricardo Morales, of the city's Department of Public Services and Utilities, said the first phase of implementation will center on education and outreach.
"We will be educating customers for the first two weeks. This means if customers stay more than the allotted time, they will not be ticketed, but instead, will be given a warning with an explanation of the three-hour limit," Morales said.
David Daunais, of the Cheveux Hair Clinic, is among the downtown business owners who petitioned for the change in 2022.
"This three-hour parking time will allow sufficient time for customers and clients to visit their attorney, hairstylist, retailer, accountant, exercise studio, etc., and also allow proper turnover and availability of parking spaces for other customers throughout the business day," Daunais said. "These are the simple needs of the business owners that will allow them to continue in business and allow themselves and their employees to make a living."

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