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Several of Thursday morning's racers ran the 5-kilometer route in costume.

Thankful 5K Draws Hundreds

By Stephen Sports
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PITTSFIELD, Mass. – Morgan Windram-Geddes said she was going to spend much of the holiday making food to bring to her brother’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving with family.
Her extended family got to eat with the fastest woman at the eighth annual Thankful 5K.
Windram-Geddes of Glendale, Mass., was the 10th racer overall to cross the finish line at Berkshire Community College among the hundreds of runners and walkers to set off on West Street at 9 a.m. Thursday morning.
The event, sponsored by MountainOne and organized by the Berkshire Running Center, helped more than 400 participants work up an appetite and helped raise money and generate non-perishable food donations for local food pantries.
“It’s really important to be able to give back to the community financially and to be out here and raise awareness for food insecurity,” Windram-Geddes said. “And to be able to bring some contributions.”
She covered the 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) course in 19 minutes, 11.12 seconds.
The day’s fastest runner was Luke Consolati of Plymouth, Mass, who crossed the line in 17:02.59, nearly a minute ahead of runner-up John Romano of Chatham, N.J., (17:54.52).
“I was trying to break 17 [minutes] actually, so a little bit short of that, but I was just coming out here to have a good time mostly,” Consolati said.
“I just thought I’d come out here and try to stay with the top people. That’s what I did. Unfortunately, the other guy took a wrong turn over there, so I got the win. … But I’ll take it.”
Consolati said it was his first time competing in the race. Many more, like Windram-Geddes, who was the second female runner in 2022, were regular participants.
Dozens wore the event’s signature knit hats with the word “Thankful” stitched in the front. And several ran the event wearing some version of a turkey costume.
While, of course, there were times kept and places awarded, mostly it was a day for fun and fellowship among runners and generosity and gratitude for all who attended.
“I’m just thankful to be around family and friends and to have a good Thanksgiving meal later today,” Consolati said. “I’m happy for that.”
“I’m thankful for my family,” Windram-Geddes echoed. “They were all here today running as well, participating.
“And I’m thankful for Berkshire Running Center putting on these events because, without them, we wouldn’t have an opportunity to race and compete and have fun together.”
Results (courtesy Berkshire Running Center)
Overall Male
1. Luke Consolati, Plymouth, 17:02.58
2. John Romano, Chatham, N.J., 17:54.51
3. Townsend Roussin, West Roxbury, 18:11.25
Overall Female
1. Morgan Windram-Geddes, Glendale, 19:11.11
2. Grace Phair, 19:36.86
3. Maggie Sorrentino, Lee, 21:03.20
Male 19-Under
1. Jack Archey, 18:20.81
2. Brady Payson, Dalton, 18:48.09
3. Quinn Ives, 19:06.43
Female 19-Under
1. Genevieve Collins, Lenox, 22:32.45
2. Nora Schoeny, Pittsfield, 23:17.75
3. Janie Roussin, West Roxbury, 23:43.63
Male 20-29
1. Andre Collins, Lenox, 19:02.31
2. Travis Sacher, Yorktown Heights, N.Y., 20:59.42
3. Andrew Harrison, 22:24.77
Female 20-29
1. Alice Najimy, Pittsfield, 21:43.30
2. Hadley Devarennes, Lee, 22:51.95
3. Annie Fielding, Lenox, 24:49.59
Male 30-39
1. Nicholas Curelop, Great Barrington, 18:55.00
2. Mike Anthony, Dalton, 19:23.59
3. Andrew George, Pittsfield, 21:17.12
Female 30-39
1. Cassandra Lane, Lenox, 25:03.98
2. Natalie Gerich Brabson, Lee, 25:43.50
3. Lindley Bell, Jersey City, N.J., 27:34.24
Male 40-49
1. Cory Mercier, Pittsfield, 21:01.56
2. Kim Murkette, Essex Junction Vt., 21:25.41
3. Dylan Lundgren, Dalton, 21:52.26
Female 40-49
1. April Pitroff Varellas, Cheshire, 21:27.97
2. Kristy MacWilliams, Pittsfield, 22:03.97
3. Lee O’Connor, Glendale, 22:09.63
Male 50-59
1. Melvyn Stafford, Brooklyn, N.Y., 19:57.06
2. Stephen Foley, Pittsfield, 20:12.99
3. Albert Najimy, Pittsfield, 20:25.77
Female 50-59
1. Kelly Maginnis, Pittsfield, 22:02.10
2. Christine Arace, Pittsfield, 22:37.48
3. Jennifer O’Brien, New York, 25:56.17
Male 60-69
1. Joseph David, Warrentown, 23:53.79
2. Paul Curnin, Purchase, N.Y., 24:54.33
3. Mike Dooley, 26:06.09
Female 60-69
1. Laura Najimy, Pittsfield, 22:43.79
2. Lisa Armstrong, North Adams, 24:54.27
3. Lisa Mattila, Pittsfield, 27:32.70
Male 70-over
1. Robert Bottume, Pittsfield, 43:10.62
2. John Inglif, 49:26.07
3. Rick Krueger, Becket, 51:38.15
Female 70-over
1. Alba Passerini, Lenox, 30:43.38
2. Ellen Krantz, Pittsfield, 46:28.10
3. Earla Forrester, Richlands, N.C., 47:39.13
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Second Chance Composting Comes to Pittsfield

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Second Chance Composting has recently brought their Residential Community Composting Program to Pittsfield.  
Memberships are open and ongoing for the 9 South Atlantic Avenue drop off location.  The program runs continuously all year, through all 4 seasons.
Memberships start at $9.99 per month, offering unlimited drop off of household food scraps to the location each month.  Members save their food scraps at home, and at their convenience, bring them to 9 South Atlantic Avenue and drop their material into the tote.  Members can come as little or as often as needed each month.  Any and all food and food scraps are accepted, including meat, fish, dairy, bones, and shells.  There are also other membership pricing options available for those who wish to receive finished compost back.
In addition to the new Pittsfield location, Second Chance Composting currently has drop off locations in North Adams, Williamstown, and Adams, which have continuous and ongoing membership signups.
Second Chance Composting picks up the material every week and it is brought to their MassDEP certified facility in Cheshire to process the food scraps into compost, which is then distributed back to the community to grow more food, flowers, plants, and trees.
Those interested in learning more or signing up for a membership can do so by visiting
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