Pittsfield High School Awards & Scholarships 2024

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PITTSFIELD, Mass. — The following scholarships and awards were presented to the Pittsfield High School graduating class of 2024.
509 Public Sector Training Fund: Gavin Gaulden
Aaron Timothy Coty Memorial Scholarship: Cameron Harrington
Adams Community Bank Scholarship: Charlotte Goodnow, Frankielys Payano
Allendale Elementary PTO: Katarena Castagna
American Legion Post 68: Academic: Roshan Warriar, Kamryn Renata; Scholarship Award: Nick Brindle
Anne Wetzel Memorial Scholarship: Ava Telladira
Berkshire County Arc: Scholarship: Abigail Malumphy; Down Syndrome Family Group Scholarship: Jada Siv; Carol Craighead Memorial Scholarship: Ellen Muller
Boomerang Project Link Crew Scholarship: Jake Duquette
Buddy Pellerin/PHS Class of 1966 State Champion Baseball Scholarship: Brayden Gutzmer, Isabella MacDonald
Charles R. Bordeau Scholarship: Jada Siv
Charles Henry Derby Scholarship: Nick Brindle
Christopher Forte Memorial Scholarship: Nyla Cuyler
Civitan Club: Rachelle Harrison
Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award: Hailey Rumlow
Dave Zerbato Memorial Scholarship: Cameron Harrington, Jake Duquette, Ben Jacob
David Landa Memorial: Grace Ungewitter
Donald Dwyer South Little League: Ashton Bock
Egremont Make a Friend Be a Friend: Donald Corbett, Jada Siv, Ellen Muller, Britain Sadowy, Elizabeth Erwin, Nyla Cuyler, Joe Weiner
Egremont PTO Scholarship: Alyssa McNeil, Joseph Weiner
Elks National Foundation's Most Valuable Student State Scholarship: Nick Brindle
Feigenbaum Scholarship: Camila Sebastian
Francis J. Powers Memorial: Riley Laurent
Francis J. Quirico Education Foundation: Brandon Balcazar, Brodie Cripps, Elizabeth Erwin, Ben Eshun, Jerson Gonzalez, Charlotte Goodnow, Cody Hoisington, Riley Laurent, Summer Lawton, Hannilor Morkeh, Frankielys Payano, Paola Reinoso, Jada Siv, Immar Sosa, Ava Telladira, Brooke Tripicco, Cameron Williamson
Gold Wings Foundation: Jake Duquette
Greylock Federal Credit Union: Community Enrichment Scholarship: Janessa Jamross,
Abigail Malumphy; Scholastic Achievement Scholarship: Ava Telladira, Grace Ungewitter, Arianna Barbieri
Harold & Myla Hennessey: Jack Robarge
Heisman High School Scholarship: Jake Duquette
I Found Light Against All Odds: Cody Hoisington
International Association of Firefighters Local 2647: Cameron Williamson, Nick Brindle, Natalie Arnhold, Britain Sadowy
'Iron Mike' Polidoro Memorial Scholarship: Cody Hoisington, AlyssaMcNeil
Irving I. Rubin, M.D., Memorial: Isabella Zeno
James Marlowe Memorial: Ellen Muller
James T. Powers Memorial: Katarena Castagna
Jane L. & Theodore S. Ciejka Memorial: Elizabeth Erwin
Jewish War Veterans: Katarena Castagna
John Curletti Memorial Scholarship: Alyssa McNeil
Joseph R. Renzi Memorial: Nico Sondrini
Joseph T. Nugent Memorial: Jerson Gonzalez
Joshua Morgan Stracener Athletic Scholarship: Nico Sondrini
Kids First Scholarship: Rose Fiscella
Knights of Columbus 411 David Carmel Scholarship: Lawrence Laine 
Selkowitz Musical Scholarship: Jack Ressler
Louise Morey Fraser Scholarship: Natalie Arnhold
Lyon Aviation Scholarship-Rotary: Ryan Russo
Marcia and Shane Cassavant Scholarship: Katarena Castagna
Mary S & Thomas H Coughlin Memorial: Immar Sosa
Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials: Riley Laurent
Massachusetts Elks Vocational Scholarship: Cameron Williamson
Massachusetts Secondary Student Achievement Award: Roshan Warriar
Massachusetts Association of School Superintendent's Academic Excellence Award: Joseph Weiner
McGinty Memorial Scholarship: Brooke Tripicco, Jada Siv
McNeil Memorial Scholarship: Makai Shepardson
John Codey-Monday Morning Quarterback Club: Cayden Crupi, Jake Duquette, Keiran Lovallo, Nico Sondrini, Cameron Williamson
Moody Burt Brown Family Scholarship: Joseph Weiner
MSCS PTO: Keysha Hawkins, Da'Sean Brown
Paul Harris/Jeff Whitehouse Scholarship Rotary: Kiyah Smith, Jenesyss Eason
PHS Class of 1960: Charles Burega, Benjamin Eshun, Hannilor Morkeh, Paola Reinoso
PHS Class of 1965 F. Baxter Lane Memorial: Cody Hoisington, Madison Powell, Britain Sadowy, Natalie Arnhold, Jake Duquette
PHS Class of 1991: David Moon Memorial: Karla Villanueva; Karen Rench Memorial; Summer Lawton
PHS Class of 1998 David Lombard Award: Nyla Cuyler
PHS Class of 2011: Analeese Matos
PHS Class of 2016: Cal Soldato, Cameron Williamson, Tanaisha Burton
PHS Class of 2024: Makayla Wax, HaileyRumow
PHS Student Council: Abigail Malumphy, Ellen Muller, Joeseph Weiner, Camila Sebastain, Nyla Cuyler, Isabella MacDonald
Pittsfield Co-op Bank Conrad R. Bernier Memorial: Jake Duquette
Pittsfield Educational Administration Association: Braden Bienvenue
Pittsfield Hoop Club: Makai Shepardson, Patrick Brennan
Pittsfield Little League: Nick Brindle
Pittsfield/Adams Lodge of Elks 272: Katarena Castagna, Cody Hoisington, Ellen Muller, Cameron Williamson
Principal's Leadership Award: Jake Duquette
Randy Sacco Memorial: Brayden Gutzmer
Ricky Stracuzzi Memorial Scholarship: Nick Brindle, Patrick Brennan; in Memory of Connor Graham: Britain Sadowy
Robert E. Powers Memorial: Donald Corbett
Robert J & Louise F Cella Family Scholarship: Brodie Cripps
Rotary: Katarena Castagna, Analeese Matos; Service Above Self: Abigail Malumphy, Grace Ungewitter
Ruperto Family Memorial: Juan Bedard, Patrick Brennan, Katerine Hernandez, Claire Jones, Josephina Pixley; Ruperto Immigrant Family Scholarship: Kayky Barbosa, Brandon Balcazar
Ruth P. Boraski Scholarship: Claire Jones
Ruth Boutwell Scholarship: Cameron Harrington
Saint Charles Rosary Sodality Scholarship: Aria Paduano
Skylar R. Cantarella Memorial Scholarship: Maddalina Penna
Spirit of the Dome Scholarship, in memory of Janet Rajotte: Donald Corbett
Tee Off for Youth Sports Classic: Baseball: Benjamin Jacob; Softball: Sadie Wicker
Thomas M. Rindfuss Memorial: Katarena Castagna, Cameron Harrington, Janessa Jamross
Timothy Connolly Memorial: Claire Jones
UNICO: Francis Fazio Memorial: Katarena Castagna; Hon. Rudolph Sacco Memorial: Jake Duquette; Louis Shogry Memorial: Nico Sondrini; Ralph DiBlasiis Memorial: Ava Telladira; Robert Quattrochi Memorial: Cameron Williamson; Baseball Hall of Fame Scholarship: Ashton Bock, Nick Brindle
United Educators of Pittsfield Scholarship: Rachelle Harrison, Alyssa McNeil, Ellen Muler, William Herbits, Izabella Green
Williams Elementary PTO: Camila Sebastain


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Letter: Berkshire State Delegation Needed to Pass Ban on Puppy Mills

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The public may be aware that I spear-headed local legislation in Pittsfield and Lenox banning the sale of puppies from puppy mills at pet stores. Berkshire Voters for Animals and the Massachusetts Humane Society were strong advocates and helped immensely.

I have received an email from Berkshire Voters for Animals stating, "There is still one of our bills in its original committee that needs to be released by June 14th or it will not have a chance to be passed this session. Time is running out for Massachusetts lawmakers to advance legislation that will prevent commercial dog breeders (puppy mills) from trucking cruelly bred puppies into pet shops. New York, Maryland and California have successfully passed similar laws. Massachusetts should be next!"

The appeal was that "We need you to contact your rep to ask them to contact the House Chair of the Environment Committee to release the bill."

It is my hope that the bill makes it out of committee and not die there, as too many good pieces of proposed legislation often does. I cannot stress how popular these initiatives were. In Pittsfield, I have had ordinances pass that took literally as much as one-half a decade to get passed. No so with this. Dozens upon dozens showed up in support for the ordinance. The Pittsfield City Council passed it immediately, with no debate.

Lenox has an open town meeting where any town resident can show up and vote, and of the dozens upon dozens of people that attended (it may have been over 100, but I am not a good judge of audience size), not a single one voted against the legislation when put to a final vote. In fact, that vote was almost instantaneous.

According to the letter, Sen. Paul Mark and he has spoken with the Senate chair. I respectfully request Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier, Rep. John Barrett, and Rep. Smitty Pignatelli, excellent legislators of the Berkshire Delegation of whom I am fond of, to help pass S.550/H. 826/S. 549, "An Act banning the retail sale of cats and dogs in pet shops" before the 2024 legislative session ends. This salutary law is enjoys widespread and practically unanimous support from the public.

Rinaldo Del Gallo
Pittsfield, Mass.




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