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To DIY or Not to DIY: The Pros and Cons of Professional

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Window Installation
Replacement windows are a considerable investment for homeowners. However, the upgrade process doesn’t end with ordering new frames; it also involves installing them. Should you take the DIY approach to save money, or go with the pro? Let's explore the factors to consider.
The Window Replacement Process
Before weighing DIY vs. hiring a window company like Rite Window, it's helpful to understand the
typical window installation process. Here are the major steps:
1. Removal of existing windows, interior trim, and exterior trim or siding to expose rough opening
2. Repairing any rot or deterioration of the rough frame
3. Properly sealing and flashing the opening for water resistance
4. Inserting the new window unit and shim/level as needed
5. Insulating around the window
6. Reinstalling interior and exterior trim
Replacing even a single window involves meticulous preparation, expert construction knowledge, and very precise measurements and cuts on your home's openings. It's a multistep process that requires specialized tools and materials like flashing, sealants, insulation, and more. So should you DIY or not?
Trying the DIY Route
Let's start with the potential advantages of doing it yourself if you have some home renovation
  • Major cost savings on labor
  • Learning experience and sense of accomplishment
  • Freedom to work at your own pace
  • Customization to get exactly the window styles and options you prefer.
However, there are some serious potential downsides and risks to consider:
  • Precise measurement and proper flashing are critical to prevent leaks, drafts, and air/moisture infiltration
  • Disposal requirements for old windows containing lead paint
  • Ladders and heights pose fall hazards, especially for multi-story homes
  • Very heavy window units require two people to lift and maneuver
  • Potential to make costly mistakes from inexperience in construction techniques.
Even for relatively skilled DIYers, window installation novices frequently underestimate the challenges involved. Issues like improperly sealing and flashing windows can lead to water damage, air leaks, and major headaches down the road. One miscalculation in measuring or cutting the rough opening can mean an entire new window unit is wasted.
Here's a quick checklist to assess if you're truly ready to DIY:
  • Prior hands-on experience with other construction projects
  • Full set of tools like ladders, pry bars, sealant guns, flashing, etc.
  • Ability to accurately measure and make precise cuts
  • At least one stout helper to assist in lifting heavy window units
  • Understanding of any local permits and disposal regulations
  • Patience, attention to detail, and careful observance of installation instructions! If you don't feel you can confidently    check all those boxes, hiring professionals is likely the wiser choice for an investment as significant as new windows.
The Benefits of Window Installation Professionals
Replacement window companies employ crews with specialized training, tools, and years of specific installation experience. While their labor costs represent the premium over DIY, there are some great reasons to go this insured, certified route:
  • Expertise: They eat, sleep, and breathe window installation best practices. Professionals handle every aspect of the job with skilled precision — from preparing the rough opening to flashing and sealing to insulation and trim. This maximizes energy efficiency and prevents moisture issues. Their proven techniques ensure an airtight, leak-free installation with perfect operation.
  • Proper equipment: Window companies have all equipment from pry tools and ladders to sealants, flashing, insulating  materials, and more to do it right per code. They also responsibly handle the disposal of the old windows if they  contain lead or other hazards.
  • Warranty protection: While individual components have manufacturer warranties, most window installers guarantee  their workmanship for several years too. Any leaks, drafts, or operational installation issues can be quickly remedied  at no cost.
  • Speed and convenience: While you may take weeks juggling the window project around other priorities, their efficient window crews can install an entire home's worth of new windows in just a day or two with minimal disruption to your life.
When evaluating potential window installation companies, look for ones that:
  • Employ properly certified, insured, and experienced installers
  • Use high-quality, energy-efficient window products from name brands
  • Provide robust, transferable warranties on materials and labor
  • Have an established reputation for quality service in your area
  • Offer financing options if you can't pay full price upfront.
Getting multiple estimates is wise, but avoid simply going with the lowest bidder. Cheap materials and inexperienced crews can nullify any upfront savings when problems and issues inevitably arise.
The Verdict
While DIYing window replacement may be tempting to save money, it represents major challenges and risks — even for homeowners with some remodeling experience under their belt. Missing critical steps like properly preparing the rough openings, flashing, and sealing can cause water leaks, drafts, and costly damage. There's also the potential for injury from working at heights, lifting heavy window units, and dealing with hazardous materials.
The investment in professional window installation helps ensure your new windows look great, operate smoothly, and provide maximum energy efficiency and value for years to come. It prevents the dangers, hassles, mistakes, and headaches of trying to do it yourself. It is safe to conclude that hiring qualified window installation professionals is generally the wisest choice for this major home upgrade.

Pittsfield's Paronto Perfect in Opener Sports
AUGUSTA, Maine -- Pittsfield's Connor Paronto Friday fired a complete-game no-hitter to lead his Babe Ruth 16-year-old All-Star team to a 10-0 win over North Providence in the first game of the New England Regional.
Paronto sruck out six and did not allow a walk or a hit. Pittsfield also did not allow an error behind him to secure the perfect game.
“Connor was incredibly impressive today,” Pittsfield coach Ben Stohr said. “We had stellar defense, especially at shortstop where Luke Ferguson took away a couple potential infield hits.
“Connor finished with 71 pitches. Couldn’t have been any more efficient. Very proud of all of these guys with how they played defense behind him today.”
Paronto helped his cause by going 2-for-3 with a pair of RBIs at the plate.
Jackson Almeida and John Mullen also had two hits apiece in an 11-hit attack for Pittsfield.
Pittsfield starts pool play at the regional with a 1-0 record. It continues the tournament on Saturday against the hosts, Capital Area of Maine.
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