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Rice, Nowicki Vie For Adams Treasurer in Monday's Town Election

By Jack GuerinoiBerkshires Staff
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Kelly Rice was elected as treasurer/collector in 2014.
ADAMS, Mass. — The only race on this year's election ballot is is for treasurer/tax collector, with incumbent Kelly Rice being challenged by Paul Nowicki, who held the post years ago.
Rice was elected in 2014 to finish the final two years of a three-year term. She then won a three-year term in 2016 and she wants to continue her work.
"I love being the treasurer collector for the town an I love this town," Rice said. "I live in this town, I own property in this town, and I want to see it grow."
Rice has a long history working for Adams in various capacities and says that over the her five years as treasurer/collector, she has brought the tax collection rate up to 98 percent. She added that outstanding checks are up to date, she passed her certified collector test and is on track to take her treasurer test.
Rice said she aggressively goes after delinquent taxes but is flexible and willing to work with people.
"Some can't afford it right off the bat so they go on a payment plan and I've got quite a few properties on a payment plan," Rice said. "They've been really, really good about keeping up their payment plans and a lot of them are really catching up. I like to give everyone a chance, sometimes two chances, but you can only do so much."
She pledged to continue her work and help keep the town financially solvent.
"I have the knowledge and I respect this town," Rice said. "I honestly think I am doing a good job and am a good asset and I hope the people feel the same."
Nowicki, who was first elected in 1983 and held the post until 2000, said after some time in Watertown and Palmer he has returned to Adams and has decided to run again because he thinks he can do a better job.

Paul Nowicki is looking to return to a post he held for nearly 20 years in the 1980s and '90s.
"I ran a pretty tight ship, and I had a 99 to 99.5 percent tax collection rate," he said. "A low collection rate will hurt the budget and it will hurt the tax rate, which has been going up ever since so I want to give people a choice they can either vote for me or continue to have higher taxes."
Nowicki said he has continued in the field and now has 31 years experience and knows what it takes to do a good job.
"I want to increase the tax collection rate and I have 31 years in the business," he said. "I have become familiar with the department of revenue employees ... I know them all and they all know me I have a good repertoire with these people."
Nowicki said he is very familiar with the municipal information system the town uses and has installed it in other communities. He said, if elected, he could essentially walk right in and do the job. He added that he has run tax auctions that have made over $1 million and has worked on efforts to reduce fraud.
Nowicki said his family lives in Adams and he wants to see the community succeed.
"I'm qualified and my family grew up here," he said. "I own a house here in Adams with my daughter and my whole family is here so I want to make the town better more than anything else and it can happen."
The annual town election will be held Monday, May 6, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the town garage. 
Running unopposed are Richard Blanchard and Joseph NOwak for two seats on the Board of Elections; Myra L. Wilk for moderator; Lorraine Kalisz for assessor; James Taylor for cemetery commissioner; Peter Hoyt for Board of Health; Virginia Phelps and Karen Kettles for two library trustee seats; Michael Mach for Planning Board; Joseph Allard for McCann School Committee (Northern Berkshire Regional Vocational School District); and Jennifer Gageant for Adams-Cheshire Regional School Committee. Precincts will also be voting for town meeting members. 
Write-in candidates are needed for three seats on the Housing Authority (two one-year and a five-year term); and a second seat on the Adams-Cheshire Regional School Committee. 

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