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The concrete barriers have been in place for four years.

North Adams to Push Back Barriers on Beaver Street

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NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — The inconvenient Jersey barriers jutting out into a section of Beaver Street are being removed after four years. 
The cement blocks had been put in place after a mudslide knocked sizable boulders into the road. 
"The geologists from the state said they feel it's pretty stable now," Public Services Commissioner Timothy Lescarbeau told the Finance Committee last week. "We're going to have one row up on the curb but the center line will be shifted back."
Four years ago in April, a rainstorm had caused the collapse of the steep hillside just south of the Clarksburg town line. The road, Route 8, runs between the slope and the North Branch of the Hoosic River and is a heavily traveled connector highway to Vermont. 
The highway was closed for nearly a week between Bluff Road and the city line while the crews cleaned up the rock and mud debris. The barriers were put in place to shift traffic away from the slope that was considered unstable. 
The city had expected to take on the repairs to stabilize the hillside to prevent more debris from falling. The highway, Route 8, through that section falls within the city's scope of responsibility; had it occurred in a few yards away in Clarksburg, the state would have been responsible. 
No significant deterioration has happened in the four years since the first slide. Lescarbeau said the barriers will be kept along the curb as a precaution, for now, to keep any falling rocks from tumbling into the road. The lane lines will be shifted back into their original positions. 
The barriers have been intrusive because of the placement in the northbound lane but there have caused no incidents. It was not clear when the barriers would be moved.  

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Clarksburg Town Meeting to Decide CPA Adoption, Spending Articles

CLARKSBURG, Mass. — Voters will decide spending items and if the town should adopt the Community Preservation Act at Wednesday's town meeting. 
Voters will also decide whether to extend the terms for town moderator and tree warden from one year to three years.
The annual town meeting will take place at 6 p.m. in the gym at Clarksburg School. The warrant can be found here.
The town operating budget is $1,767,759, down $113,995 largely because of debt falling off. Major increases include insurance, utilities and supplies; the addition of a full-time laborer in the Department of Public Works and an additional eight hours a week for the accountant.
The school budget is at $2,967,609, up $129,192 or 4 percent over this year. Town officials had urged the school to cut back more but in a joint meeting last week agreed to dip into free cash to keep the prekindergarten for 4-year-olds free. 
Clarksburg's assessment to the Northern Berkshire Vocational School District is $363,220; the figure is based on the percentage of students enrolled at McCann Technical School. 
There are a number of spending articles for the $571,000 in free cash the town had certified earlier this year. The high number is over several years because the town had fallen behind on filings with the state. 
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