Mount Everett Regional Awards & Scholarships 2021

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SHEFFIELD, Mass. — The following awards and scholarships were presented to the graduates of the class of 2021 at Mount Everett Regional School. 
Albert Trocchi Scholarship: Isabelle Bizalion, Cecelia Caldwell
Alice Coon Shanley Memorial: Isabelle Bizalion
American Legion: Emma Nardi
Amy Gillette Memorial: Lillee Getchell
Arthur Batacchi Sr. Memorial: Isabella Kemp
Barbara Rhoades Memorial: Isabelle Bizalion
Berkshire County Selectmen Scholarship: Isabelle Bizalion
Big Y Scholarship: Elizabeth Sarnacki
Carolyn T. Sacco Memorial: Jacob TenBroeck
Catherine B. Miller Eagle Fund Award: Alek Zdziarski
CTSB-TV Scholarship: Cecelia Caldwell, Amelia Kemp, Elizabeth Sarnacki, Madison Tinker
Despina Kasekas Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Sarnacki
Diana Seavey Memorial Scholarship: Makayla Candelari
Edward Kollmer Memorial Scholarship: Madison Tinker
Egremont Garden Club/Gertrude Burdsall Memorial: Not this year
Esther MacDonald Memorial: Kai LaRose
Future Leader in Education Award: Kathleen Dillon, Madison Tinker
Glenn Devoti Family Scholarship: Makayla Candelari
Great Barrington Fish and Game Club Scholarship: Morgan Long 
Great Barrington Rotary Club 
Scholarships: Jack Carpenter, Kathleen Dillon
Berkshire Bank Scholarship: Madison Tinker
Chad Krzynowek Memorial Scholarship: Jacob TenBroeck
Morton Smith Memorial Scholarship: Isabelle Bizalion
Tom Sullivan Memorial Scholarship: Cooper Rothvoss
Pastor Charles Van Audsdale Scholarship: Austin Murray
Greylock Federal Credit Union Community Enrichment Scholarship: Isabelle Bizalion
Hazel Hendrick Memorial Scholarship: Hailey Liebenow
Henry David Thoreau Foundation Scholarship: Isabella Kemp
Honorable James P. Dohoney Scholarship: Madison Tinker
John and Abigail Adams Scholarships: Isabelle Bizalion, Cecelia Caldwell, Jack Carpenter, Kathleen Dillon, Luke Dinan, Elizabeth Hotaling, Amelia Kemp, Isabella Kemp, Samuel Kresiak, Cole Rosseter, Cooper Rothvoss, Jacob TenBroeck, Hailey Thieriot, Madison Tinker, Alexander Zah-Greenspan
John Baird Roesler Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Sarnacki
John and Marion Somes Memorial: Elizabeth Sarnacki
John Pulver Memorial Scholarships: Elizabeth Sarnacki
Kelley Hayes Memorial Scholarship: Jack Seward-Dailey, Alek Zdziarski
Kenneth T. Krom III Memorial Scholarship: Makayla Candelari
Kevin Blanco Memorial: Luke Dinan
Lillian Preiss Memorial: Shallea Oggiani-Brown
Linda Higgins Kindness Award: Margaret Robitaille
Mary Ellen Welch Memorial: Jacob TenBroeck
Mia and Lynn MacDonald Memorial: Alek Zdziarski
Mount Everett Class of 1980 Scholarship: Jack Carpenter, Jacob TenBroeck
Mount Everett Scholarships: Maile Handy, Janet Ngoy Mwanza, Cooper Rothvoss, Matthew Seward
Neil G. Fletcher Memorial Scholarship: Lillee Getchell
New Marlborough-Monterey PTA Scholarship: Kathleen Dillon, Maile Handy, Shallea Oggiani-Brown, Cooper Rothvoss
Nicole Desrosiers Memorial Scholarship: Cecelia Caldwell
O'Brien Arts/Technology Scholarship: Not this year
Otis Scholarship Award: Samuel Kresiak, Elizabeth Sarnacki
Picard-Provo Grants in Memory of John Henry Picard and Frank Provo: Cecelia Caldwell, Jack Carpenter, Eire Greene, Amelia Kemp, Isabella Kemp, Samuel Kresiak, Austin Murray
Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Centennial: Owen Piel Scholarship
Robert Law Memorial Scholarship: Amelia Kemp
Robert Gauthier Memorial: Jack Seward-Dailey
Rolling Rock Salt Culinary Award: Lillee Getchell
Salisbury Bank/Charles H. Joch Jr.: Jack Carpenter, Luke Dinan
Santi Gulotta / Sheffield Volunteer Hose Company 1: Kolby Bleau, Serena Batacchi, Lillee Getchell, Austin Murray
Sheffield Grange Scholarship: Isabella Kemp
Sheffield Historical Society: Cecelia Caldwell, Madison Tinker
Sheffield Kiwanis / Scholarship Award: Jack Carpenter, Isabelle Bizalion, Kathleen Dillon, Austin Murray, Jacob TenBroeck, Madison Tinker
Sheffield Sporting Club Scholarship: Jacob TenBroeck
Southern Berkshire Regional School Education Association Scholarship: Kolby Bleau, Austin Murray, Elizabeth Sarnacki
Southern Berkshire Regional Elementary Teachers' Scholarship: Jack Carpenter, Kathleen Dillon
Thursday Morning Club Scholarship: Cecelia Caldwell
Voigt R. Hodgson Scholarship: Jack Carpenter
Wheeler and Taylor Scholarship: Jack Carpenter, Kathleen Dillon, Austin Murray

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CHP Readying for New Covid-19 Vaccine Supply

GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. — With a second mobile medical van now on the road, CHP Berkshires' mobile health teams are preparing to reach more Berkshire residents in more locations this fall with vaccines for flu, Covid-19 and, for eligible patients, the respiratory virus (RSV) vaccine. 
CHP anticipates receiving its Covid-19 vaccines in the coming weeks, while flu clinics are well under way. 
"We are fielding many calls and inquiries about the new Covid-19 vaccine, and we are as eager as everyone to get this new vaccine on the road," said Melanie Wickwire, mobile health manager at CHP.  
Once available, Covid-19 vaccines will be available to CHP and non-CHP patients on the CHP mobile health vehicles. This can be given at the same time as the seasonal flu shot. In addition, the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccines is available to eligible CHP patients. 
Covid-19 vaccines will be available for those six months and older. The new RSV vaccine is for adults 60 and older with certain underlying health risks; pre-screening is required for RSV vaccines with CHP. Flu shots are available starting at 6 months of age. 
"We are incredibly fortunate to have this arsenal of prevention against serious illness," said Dr. Laura Need, CHP associate medical director and pediatrician at Berkshire Pediatrics. "We urge everyone to get vaccinated for themselves, their families, friends and workplace colleagues. And parents should be sure their children are protected against other preventable contagious illness like measles, pertussis and others." 
CHP will keep the public notified of its vaccination resources throughout the fall and winter season, through its mobile health calendar at and with reminders on social media channels, radio and other outlets. 
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