Lee High School Scholarships & Awards 2023

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LEE, Mass. — The following awards and scholarships were presented to the Lee High School class of 2023. 
Marjorie Wickham Memorial Scholarships: Kaya Haddad, Madison Haywood, Lindzie Johndro, Isabella Lovato, Ella Macchi
John Nagle Memorial Scholarship: Raeanne Hickson
Henry T. Zukowski Memorial Scholarships: Aaron Armstrong, Jacob Bianco, Benjamin Cooper, Mikayla Kelly, Ella Macchi, Matthew O'Brien, Maguire Roosa, Makayla Schuerer, William Thomson
Drs. Charles and James Stratton Memorial Scholarships: Sophie Herman, William Thomson
Hop Brook Community Club Scholarship: Luke Roche
Michael R. Coty Memorial Scholarship: Ella Macchi
Janice 'Sissy' Curtin Scholarships: Ella Macchi, Bella Lovato, Makayla Schuerer, Makenzie Chaffee, Luke Roche, Matthew O'Brien, Maguire Roosa, Madison Haywood
Andrew J. Bartini Memorial Scholarship: Mikayla Kelly
Lee High School Student Government Scholarships: Jacob Bianco
Eugenio Bonafin Memorial Scholarship Class of 1936: Madison Haywood
Comalli Electric Scholarship in Memory of James Mougin and George Comalli: Jack Clarke
Scholarship in Memory of David Bailey: Ella Macchi
Scholarship in Memory of Mario Bona: Angelina Terzigni, Jenna Wolford
Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Conrad R. Bernier Memorial Scholarship: Makayla Schuerer
Joanne M. Keiderling Memorial Scholarship: Jonatan Revelo, Derly Toloza
Stephen D. Keiderling Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Moran
Class of 1977, in Memory of our Deceased Class Members: Jack Clarke, Matthew O'Brien, Maguire Roosa
Lee Lions Club Scholarship: Nicholas Hill
Pease Memorial Scholarship: Tapan Kansagara
Minnie L. Baird Scholarship in Memory of Lena Beal: Tyler Moran, Angelina Artioli
Scholarship in Memory of Richard Morin: Jacob Bianco
Mary Voght Memorial Scholarships: Tyler Moran, Isabella Lovato, Lindzie Johndro, Angelina Artioli, Amy Desiata, Benjamin Cooper
Great Barrington Fish & Game Club, in Memory of Jesse Townsend: Madison DellaGuistina
Scholarship in Memory of Heather Helen Hawley: Anna Martin
Scholarship in Memory of Harry Wheeler: Sophie Herman
Ardella Donnell Memorial Award, Class of 1933: Anna Fusco
Alba A. Pasco Memorial Scholarships: Sierra Beckman, Nicholas Hill
Austen Riggs Erikson Institute Scholarship: Derly Toloza
Meg Cade Memorial Scholarship: Makenzie Chaffee
Otis Scholarship Awards: Makenzie Chaffee, Matthew O'Brien
Bruce and John Stevenson Memorial Scholarship: Kaya Haddad
Lee Historical Society Scholarship, in Memory of Dolores I. Eckert and Marion M. Leach: Lindzie Johndro; in Memory of Stephen A. Cozzaglio: Lindzie Johndro
The Forfa Family Scholarship: Benjamin Cooper
Lee Chamber of Commerce, Marie Toole Award: Lindzie Johndro; Joe Sorrentino Award: Isabella Lovato
Scholarships given by Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hall Sr.: in memory of Steven Brouker: Aiden Kline; in memory of Mary Lovato: Isabella Lovato; in memory of Chief Jeff Roosa: Maguire Roosa; in memory of Lou DiGrigoli: Makayla Schuerer; in memory of Mary Lynn DeVarennes: Angelina Terzigni
Robert Lucy Memorial Scholarships: Kaya Haddad, Makayla Kelly, Isabella Lovato
The Alan Wurtzbach Memorial Award: Anna Fusco, Dylan Trumps
Wildcat Scholarship: Zakary Kuder
Greylock Federal Credit Union Community Enrichment Scholarships: Anna Fusco, Isabella Lovato
Adams Community Bank Scholarship: Jonatan Revelo, Julianna Decker
Timothy Shepardson Sr. Memorial Scholarship: William Thomson
Michael Salinetti and David Scarpa Sr. Memorial Scholarships: Maguire Roosa, William Thomson
Friends of Veterans Scholarship: Jack Clarke
Class of 1966 Scholarship: Benjamin Cooper
Kelly Lyn Coty Scholarship Fund: Jack Clarke, Maguire Roosa
Hank Greiner Memorial Scholarship: Mikayla Kelly
Peter D. Fraser Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Cooper, Jack Clarke, Maguire Roosa, Lukus Tisdale
South Lee Fire Company Scholarships: Maguire Roosa
Kiwanis Club of Lee Inc. Scholarships: Madison Haywood, Anna Martin, Ella Macchi, William Thomson
Girls Soccer Booster Club Scholarships: Sophie Herman, Kaya Haddad, Mikayla Kelly, Madison DellaGiustina, Ella Macchi, Isabella Lovato
Tyringham Fire Company Scholarships: Luke Roche
Evan Colbert Memorial Scholarship: Jack Clarke
Lee Volleyball Booster Club Scholarships: Makayla Schuerer, Sierra Beckman
Lee Central Volunteer Fire Company Scholarship: Jacob Bianco
Lee Lady Wildcats Basketball Booster Club Scholarships: Isabella Lovato, Kaya Haddad, Sophie Herman
Boys Basketball Booster Scholarships: Benjamin Cooper, Matthew O'Brien, Jack Clarke, Tapan Kansagara
Lee Community Tennis Association Claire 'Bunnie' Lahey Scholarship: Sophie Herman, Matthew Petrescu,
Madison Haywood, Benjamin Cooper
Lee Cross Country Booster Club Scholarships: Jacob Bianco, Benjamin Cooper, Madison Haywood, Raeanne Hickson, Anna Martin
Lee Band Parents Scholarships: Alyssa Jackson, Makayla Schuerer, Morgan Jayne Foster
Lee Youth Football Scholarship: Maguire Roosa
Lee Retired Educators Scholarships: Andrew Mayberry, Makayla Schuerer
Lee Land Trust Scholarship: Isabella Lovato
Lee Education Association Scholarships: Makayla Schuerer, Andrew Mayberry
Lenox Fire Company Oscar Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship: Jack Clarke, Sophie Herman
Frank Consolati Junior Sons of Italy Scholarships: William Thomson, Nathaniel Damenacoe Conway, Jenna
Katie Keenan and Thomas Dunn Scholarship Fund: Benjamin Cooper, Madison Haywood, Matthew O'Brien, Sophie Herman
Lisa Jacobs Memorial Scholarship: Ella Macchi
Becket Scholarship Foundation: Angelina Artioli, Makayla Schuerer, Anna Fusco
Tyler Pressley Memorial Scholarship: Jack Clarke, Maguire Roosa
Scholarship in Memory of Marian & Richard Hawkey: Jonatan Revelo
The Millie Foundation Scholarships: Benjamin Cooper, Makayla Schuerer
Richard C. Brunell Memorial Scholarship: William Thomson, Maguire Roosa
Lenox Police Association David N. Lane Scholarship: Sophie Herman
Joseph R. Renzi Scholarship: Maguire Roosa
Lenox Garden Club Scholarship: Isabella Lovato
Soules/Astore Scholarship: Jack Clarke
MacCaro Real Estate Business Entrepreneurship Scholarship: William Thomson
The Chief Roosa Scholarship: Maguire Roosa, Matthew O'Brien, Makenzie Chaffee
The Locker Room Sports Pub Scholarship: Madison Haywood
Steven Brouker Memorial Scholarship: Isabella Lovato, William Thomson
Liann Bordeau-Buck Memorial Scholarship: Jacob Bianco
Thornton Kinney Memorial Scholarship for the Arts: Cadence Hoctor
Richard H. 'Rocky' Brighenti Memorial Scholarship: William Thomson
Superintendent's Award for Academic Excellence: Isabella Lovato
Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award: Jacob Bianco
General Charles Lee Award in History: Maguire Roosa
Senior Awards: in English: Angelina Artioli; in Math: Amy Desiata, Tyler Moran; in Science: Jacob Bianco, Isabella Lovato, Amy Desiata; in Visual and Fine Arts: Amy Desiata, Angelina Terzigni; in Spanish: Isabella Lovato; in Carpentry: Jack Clarke; in Digital Art: Julian Flynn Pitcher, Jonatan Revelo; in Computer Science: Nicholas Hill, Luke Roche
Senior ELL Awards: Derly Toloza, Iago Dias, Jonatan Revelo, Halil Ibrahim Atmaca
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Alyssa Jackson
Chales DiNunzio Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Band Program: Morgan Jayne Foster
POP Perseverance Awards: Johonah China, Nathaniel Damenacoe Conway, Michael Naventi, Joseph Nichols, Taylor Roberson

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