Mount Everett Regional Awards and Scholarships for 2023

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SHEFFIELD, Mass. — The following scholarships and awards were presented to the Mount Everett Regional School class of 2023. 
Alice Coon Shanley Memorial: Westin Lupovich
American Legion: Margaret Sarnacki
Amy Gillette Memorial: Tyler Sermini
Arthur Batacchi Sr. Memorial: Michael Devoti
Barbara Rhoades Memorial: Jay T. Seward-Dailey
Chang-Chavkin Scholarship: Deisy Escobar
Chris Kamens Memorial: Jessica Yauri Cambi, Juliana Lopez Antunez, Caroline Haiss, Emma Goewey
CIAA Soccer Hall of Fame: Emma Goewey
CTSB Scholarship: Anouk Bizalion, Deisy Escobar, Eli Smith, Emmett Vollmer
Edward Kollmer Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Sermini
Egremont Garden Club/Gertrude Burdsall Memorial: Caroline Haiss
Esther MacDonald Memorial: Cheyenne Amstead
Future Leaders in Education Awards: Tyler Sermini
Glenn Devoti Family Scholarship: Emma Goewey, Nathaniel Von Ruden
Great Barrington Fish and Game Club Scholarship: Kelsey Eichstedt
Great Barrington Rotary Club Scholarships: Jason Peck, Margaret Sarnacki, Tyler Sermini
Great Barrington Rotary Club: 2 for All: Michael Devoti; Chad Krzynowek Memorial Scholarship: Jay T. Seward-Dailey; Charles Schneider Award: Eli Smith; Bruce and Barbara Persons Scholarship: Emma Goewey; William Demspey Scholarship: Noah Williams
Greylock Federal Credit Union Community Enrichment Scholarship: Anouk Bizalion, Margaret Sarnacki
Hazel Hendrick / Diana Seavey Memorial Scholarship: Kelsey Eichstedt
Honorable James P. Dohoney: Margaret Sarnacki
Jim Thompson, Class of '64 Memorial Award: Jay T. Seward-Dailey
John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: Victoria Breen, Benjamin Cohen, Kelsey Eichstedt, Michael Fass, Emma Goewey, Caroline Haiss, Walter Hewins V, Madison McMeekin, Jason Peck, Charles Vion III, Nathaniel VonRuden
John Baird Roesler Memorial Scholarship: Jason Peck, Jordi Peck, Jay T. Seward-Dailey
John and Marion Somes Memorial: Noah Williams
John Pulver Memorial Scholarships: Jay T. Seward-Dailey, Ruby English, Rebekah English
Kelley Hayes Memorial Scholarship: Cassie Campeglio, Walter Hewins V
Kenneth T. Krom III Memorial Scholarship: Kelsey Eichstedt
Kevin Blanco Memorial: Michael Devoti
Lillian Preiss Memorial: Alejandra Emerling
Linda Higgins Kindness Award: Caroline Haiss
Mary Ellen Welch Memorial: Margaret Sarnacki
Mia and Lynn MacDonald Memorial: Jordyn Stockwell
Monument Mountain High School Football Booster Club Scholarship: Grant Chase
Mount Everett / New Marlborough Scholarship: Kelsey Eichstedt, Caroline Haiss, Madison McMeekin, Charles Vion III, Emmett Vollmer
Mount Everett Scholarships: Brenda Guallpa, Eli Smith
Mount Everett Student Council Award of Goodness: Michael Devoti
Neil G. Fletcher Memorial Scholarship: Kelsey Eichstedt
New Marlborough-Monterey PTA Scholarship: Kelsey Eichstedt, Caroline Haiss, Madison McMeekin, Tyler Sermini, Charles Vion III, Emmett Vollmer
Picard-Provo Grants in Memory of John Henry Picard and Frank Provo: Anouk Bizalion, Victoria Breen, Cassie Campeglio, Deisy Escobar, Jason Peck, Jordi Peck
Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Conrad R. Bernier Scholarship: Tyler Sermini
O'Brien Arts/Technology Scholarship: Michael Devoti
Otis Scholarship Award: Margaret Sarnacki
Robert Law Memorial Scholarship: Emmett Vollmer
Robert Gauthier Memorial: Juliana Lopez Antunez, Noah Williams
Rolling Rock Salt Culinary Award: Westin Lupovich
Salisbury Bank/Charles H. Joch Jr.: Michael Fass
Santi Gulotta-Sheffield Fire Dept. Memorial: Emma Goewey, Jay T. Seward-Dailey
Sandisfield Scholarship: Tyler Sermini
Sheffield Grange Scholarship: Walter Hewins V
Sheffield Historical Society: Michael Devoti, Tyler Sermini
Sheffield Kiwanis Club Scholarships: Anouk Bizalion, Benjamin Cohen, Michael Devoti, Deisy Escobar, Margaret Sarnacki, Eli Smith, Jay T. Seward-Dailey
Sheffield Sporting Club Scholarship: Tyler Sermini
Southern Berkshire Regional School Education Association Scholarship: Rebekah English, Ruby English, Jason Peck, Jordi Peck, Margaret Sarnacki, Nathinel VonRuden
Southern Berkshire Regional Elementary Teachers Scholarship: Margaret Sarnacki,  Tyler Sermini
Strive Award (4 years): Michael Devoti
Thursday Morning Club Scholarship: one year: Anouk Bizalion, Emma Goewey, Margaret Sarnacki, Jay Seward-Dailey, Eli Smith, Jordyn Stockwell; four years: Michael Devoti 
Wheeler and Taylor Scholarship: Michael Devoti, Emma Goewey
Women of Color Giving Circle Scholarship: Emma Goewey

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