McCann Honor Roll

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NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — McCann Technical School third quarter honor roll.
High Honors
Grade 12
Arnold, Emma
Astorino, Shaun
Auger, Kelson
Barrett, Ty
Boisvert, Hannah
Buda, Austin
Codogni, Mia
George, Emily
Graves, Carter
Harrington, Amy
Hildabrand, Gisella
King, Sara
Lachman, Ariel
Lawson, Svea-Marie
Layden, Collin
Mazza III, Walter
Nicol, Ashlee
Norcross, Rileigh
Parkman, Michael
Puntin, Eric
Reed, Brayden
Roy, Joseph
Rozon, Noah
Scott, Keeghen
Selby, Anthony
Shafer, Athena
Shafer, Zoey
Vallieres, Rebecca
Walden, Connor
Grade 11
Boyer, Alexander
Cormier, Tristan
Davis, Evan
Dean, Christian
Dozier, Aleathia
Driscoll, Logan
Fortini, Evan
Gregoire-Thomas, Karlie
Hallock, Bryanna
Hayden, Brodie
Hilton, Evan
Hopkins, Tobey
Houle, Trinity
Hughs, Jack
Hunt, Grace
Lancia, Griffen
Luczynski, Aolani
Luczynski, Nathan
Maxwell, Cole
Mclain, Hailei
Melito, Jadyn
Meyette, Paige
Mongeon, Meghan
Montoya-Alvarado, Hector
Moran, Camryn
Moser, Nora
Odell, Nicholas
Poette, Kevin
Politis, Ian
Reid, Sophie
Reynolds, Brooke
Rhinemiller, Brody
Rivera, Jaivin
Roberts, Liam
Rylander, Lukas
Sagendorph, Brady
Stack, John
Stefanik, Ava
Tatro, Evan
Turner, Dylan
Grade 10
Anderson, Abigail
Bentley, Arthur
Bills, Alisandra
Bolte, Brady
Boyce, Mackenzie
Bradbury, Zackary
Burgess, Jeffrey
Champney, Aiden
Davignon, Tanner
Demers, Mya
Dimitropolis, Jaydon
Driscoll, Gabrielle
Dubreuil, Tyler
Ellsworth, Skyler
Foucher, Hayley
Gaffey, Ella
Hall, Ehryn
Holland, Ryleigh
Howland, Zachary
Hubby, Kylee
Jacobbe, Gianna
Kaczowski, Ashley
Kanelos, Noah
Kincaid, Leyla
King, Nicholas
Kondel, Kamilia
Kondel, Nora
Kratz, Ava
LaCasse, Emma
Lawson, Shaylee
Leclair, Landon
Lemaire, Jaxin
McPherson, Aimee
Meaney, Andrew
Meczywor, Addisyn
Medon, Ethan
Miller, Jonathan
Miranda-Ruiz, Mackenzie
Moran, Sage
Parkman, Riona
Poirot, Liam
Pratt, Derek
Rathbun, Ryleigh
Rondeau, Mason
Rougeau, Kyle
Senecal, Rider
Smith, Amari
Tatro, Natalie
Therrien, Elizabeth
Tower, Jackson
Wesolowski, Justin
Williams, Ayden
Ziemba, Taylor
Grade 9
Goldie, Shauna
Gordon, Micah
Guiden, Riley
Harris, Benjamin
Kincaid, Cecilia
King, Danielle
Kruzel, Mark
Landrie, Raine
Lovell, Isaac
Mauroyenis, Kayla
Peck, Honour
Stratton, Brody
Therrien, Benjamin
Grade 12
Berger, Marissa
Boulger, Chloe
Brockway, Christopher
Carver, Tiana
Deeley, Jaelyn
DeMayo, Dominic
Hamilton, Arianna
Haskins, Andrew
Haskins, Daniel
Heidel, Alexa
Howland, Jacob
LaCasse, Carter
LaForest, Gavin
Macpherson, Aiden
Nimmons, Sarah
Packard, Connor
Peck, Ashton
Stoppiello, Jada
Valego, Jazzmyn
Vanuni, Khloe
Varcoe, Kaitlynn
Wehrle, Reese
Grade 11
Allen, Mackenzie
Bean, Lillian
Bressette Jr., Patrick
Brown, Hunter
Denette, Caleb
Kondel, Nathan
Kraus-Bayly, Emily
Lasher, Brockton
Mcgrath, Samuel
Mcguire, Devin
Morin, Carson
Raschdorf, Emily
Sawyer, Julian
Grade 10
Belsky, Brett
Brodeur, Landen
Buck, Kolton
Carrier, Julian
Coons, Malia
Ford, Aidan
Gage, Stephen
Goodell, Dylan
Gregory, Emma
Little, Abbey
McCormick, Matthew
O'Neill, Marley
Ouellette, Keegan
Peck, Boden
Perry, Paige
Stentiford, Cole
Tremblay, Aidan
Williamson, Jason
Grade 9
Bonneville, Abigail
Boulger, Curtis
Clay, Emma
Cook, Jaelynne
Cunha, Jaxson
Dean, Jayden
Henderson, Reighan
Lefebvre, Ryder
Luczynski, Izaiah
O'Neil, Parker
Patel, Dharmik
Pavlak, Lael
Pilot, Jaxson
Poette, Trevor
Sigsbury, Madelyn
Sinopoli, Brandon
Smith, Jillian
Sniezek, Madison
Tanguay, Monica
VanDeusen, Vincent
Werth, Trevor

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North Adams High School Athletes Place Flags on Veterans Graves

By Jack GuerinoiBerkshires Staff

Raegan Keil, daughter of VSO Mitchell Keil, participates in placing the American Flag on veterans' graves. The first flag she placed was in the marker of Michael Kline, her grandfather.
NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — Athletes from Drury High School and McCann Technical School gave up the rare free Saturday morning to place flags on veterans graves in Southview Cemetery.
"I was very humbled when I saw the cars coming in, and I actually had to go over to the corner and put my sunglasses down and hide my tears, because it was very, very humbling to see everybody show up," said Travys Rivers, the city's veterans grave officer.
Rivers, a firefighter and veteran, said he sent out the "bat signal" and called John Moore of Drury and Robin Finnegan of McCann to see if any of the sports teams were free.
River said he was unsure what to expect, knowing many student athletes likely had games or practice. But come Saturday morning, around 100 students showed up with coaches and high school athletics administration. 
"I am amazed by these kids. They gave up a Saturday morning. They could have slept in if they didn't have practice or whatever," Rivers said. "They did not have to do this but instead came down and busted their butts."
Northern Berkshire Veterans Service Officer Mitchell Keil added that he often hears that the youth do not participate in civic activities. He said Saturday proves the opposite.
"As a veteran, it is heartwarming to see this type of participation from today's youth and encouraging for the future of the community. They may not understand the impact their involvement has on those that see them in action or those family members that visit a departed loved one's grave and see them continuously honored," he said. "Our city has a large group of individuals that are dedicated to honoring those veterans that have passed. This long tradition is in good hands, and as we move forward I encourage all to take part in the pursuit of honoring our veterans daily."
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