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William "Billy" Evans, a Capitol Police officer, was laid to rest at Adams' St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in April.
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Gov. Charlie Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito visited Adams in July after the state set aside $6.5 million in funding for the Greylock Glen Outdoor Center
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Before taking the job as Adams Police Chief, Kelley had more than 25 years of law enforcement experience in South Carolina.

Adams 2021 Year in Review

By Brian RhodesiBerkshires Staff
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In yet another year burdened by a global pandemic, the town of Adams continued on at a swift pace.  


Despite the problems posed by COVID-19, 2021 was a busy year for the town. Several projects made significant progress during the year, new officials were sworn in and developments in town seemed to be continuous. 


Looking ahead to 2022, Adams is poised to continue at this speed, with several projects, including the Greylock Glen Outdoor Center, still ongoing. 


Here are a few of the biggest stories from Adams over the past year. 


Greylock Glen


The Greylock Glen project has been in development in one form or another for over 50 years. The Greylock Glen Outdoor Center represents a major step forward in the proposed plans. The project is finally nearing the construction phase heading into 2022. 


Gov. Charlie Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito visited Adams in July after the state set aside $6.5 million in funding for the project. Following the commitment of state funding, approval from town boards and committees soon followed to push the project into the construction phase. 


The Adams Fire District approved articles related to the project in August, while the planning board and conservation commission followed in September and December respectively.  


When construction on the outdoor center is complete, the 9,200 square-foot facility will feature exhibit space, classrooms and a restaurant.


Memorial Building Project  

The former Memorial School building, which had, for the most part, sat dormant since the school's closure began the process of renovation and conversion into residential and commercial space in 2021. 


The Adams Board of Selectmen chose Rhode Island-based Developer Wayland North to convert classroom spaces into apartments. 


Additionally, the Adams Council on Aging began work to move its operations from the Adams Visitor's Center to the Memorial Building. 


Susan B. Anthony Monument


A bronze statue of Susan B. Anthony, an Adams native and one of the most significant figures of the woman's suffrage movement, was unveiled to the public in 2021


Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, state Sen. Adam Hinds, state Rep. John Barrett III, Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington and the town's elected women officials attended the ceremony for the statue. 


The Funeral of Billy Evans


In April, William "Billy" Evans, a Capitol Police officer, was laid to rest at Adams' St. Stanislaus Kostka Church.


Evans grew up in North Adams and graduated from Drury High School. Evans passed due to injuries sustained when a car crashed into a checkpoint he was guarding at the Capitol in April.


Numerous public officials attended the service, including Gov. Charlie Baker, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, U.S. Rep. Richie Neal, state Sen. Adam Hinds and more. 


The Swearing in of Police Chief Kelley


Adams chose and swore in K. Scott Kelley as the town's new police chief in January of 2021. 


Before taking the job, Kelley had more than 25 years of law enforcement experience in South Carolina. During those years, Kelley served in various roles for several towns and organizations, from a sergeant in Anderson, S.C., to Chief of Police at Spartanburg Community College. 


Kelley replaced former Chief Richard Tarsa, who served with the Adams police force for 36 years. 


Election 2021


In May, Adams elected Howard Rosenberg and John Duval to the Adams Board of Selectmen. 


Duval, an incumbent who had been on the Board of Selectmen since 2012, received 572 votes. 


Rosenberg, a newcomer who is served his first year as a select board member in 2021, received 727 votes.

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Adams Selectmen, Finance Committee OK 2022 Town Meeting Warrant

By Brian RhodesiBerkshires Staff

ADAMS, Mass. — The Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee have approved the 26 warrant articles to be put forward at the June 21 annual town meeting. 

Two articles are related to the development of the Greylock Glen and another would update the town's cannabis bylaws. 


Article 22 would appropriate $80,000 from the Economic Development Fund to hire a consultant for the Greylock Glen Foundation. This consultant will establish the foundation, fundraise from the private sector and work on other projects. 


Article 24 would authorize the Board of Selectmen to purchase property along Gould Road for $100,000. The 1.2-acre plot of land, according to Town Administrator Jay Green, will benefit the town's future development plans if voters approve the purchase. 


"We just realized that that's a parcel that's a key entryway to the area that we're spending a lot of time, resources and energy on, and it's something that we should probably take control of," he said.


The Greylock Glen Outdoor Center, for which the town just received another $2.9 million in state aid, is expected to begin construction in late June. 


Articles 5, 6 and 7 cover sections of the town's $17 million budget, including operational, capital and free-cash expenses. Articles 8 and 9 are the budgets for the Hoosac Valley and Northern Berkshire Vocational school regional school districts. 


Article 25 would authorize the sale of 20 East St., the former Community Center, to Robert Hinton of CMV Construction for $25,000. CMV, the lone bidder on a request for proposals for the property, plans to turn the building into apartments


Article 21, if approved, would appropriate $5,000 from the Quaker Meeting House fund to perform repairs and inspection. The current balance of the fund is $10,602.70


Article 23, if approved by a majority vote, will establish an enterprise fund for the town's sewer system. 


"This is not a sewer user fee. I just want to make that very clear," Green said. "It is simply accepting the provisions to use an enterprise fund, it'd still be funded via tax levy. Over the next year, I think we as a community will be having a conversation about how we fund the enterprise fund,"


Article 10 proposes the town put $250,000 of free cash toward lowering the tax rate. Green said this is part of the town's internal fiscal policy but is something he hopes to change in the future, noting this money could instead go toward road and building maintenance. 


"So all the work that we've talked about: roads and buildings and every other thing that seems to fall apart around here; that would have been another 250,000. That would have been half a million dollars worth of capital programming that could have been done," he said. 


Article 11, if approved, will add $62,000 to the town's stabilization fund. 


Article 20 would update the town's marijuana bylaw to allow cannabis businesses to offer courier services. Selectwoman Christine Hoyt thanked the Planning Board and others involved with updating the bylaw. 


Articles 1 through 4 are annual articles that handle filling town officer vacancies, hearing reports from town officers and fixing compensation. Article 19 would amend the town compensation plan, giving town employees a 2 percent increase over fiscal 2022. 


Selectman Joseph Nowak said he would like to see compensation for the Board of Selectmen and other town boards to be raised. 


"I think people who are willing to serve should get something worth their time. Perhaps that's maybe a small reason why we don't see people running for elected positions in this community and in other places," he said. 


Hoyt said the town lowered the stipends during the 2020 budget cycle to save money. Board Chair John Duval said he would be willing to discuss changing compensation. 


Article 16, if approved, will allow the town to accept $7,200 in perpetual care funds received in 2021 for the care and maintenance of cemetery lots. The town treasurer will manage these funds. 


Article 12, another annual article, will establish a $175,000 reserve fund if approved. This fund, which only the Finance Committee can access, would be used in emergencies for unforeseen expenses. 


Article 14 would allow the Board of Selectmen to apply for Community Development Block Grants. Similarly, Article 15 authorizes the board to apply for Community Facilities Grants. 


Article 17 authorizes the town treasurer to borrow with Board of Selectmen approval if there is a revenue shortfall; Article 18 establishes the spending limits for the town's revolving fund accounts and Article 13 would allow the town to pay any unpaid bills from the current or prior fiscal years. Adams currently has no outstanding bills. 


Article 26 will allow the town to conduct any business that may legally come before the meeting. 

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