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North Adams RMV Reopening for Drop-Off Services

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NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — The Registry of Motor Vehicles office will reopen on Monday, Aug. 24, for drop-off registration and title services. 
The local branch of the RMV has been closed since March as the state shifted operations online and postponed or extended deadlines during the novel coronavirus pandemic. The North Adams branch is one of eight locations being used for drop-off paperwork that can be completed within several business days.
Because of capacity, safety and public health limitations for maintaining social distancing, general appointments will not yet be available for customers at the North Adams Service Center.
Registration Drop Off Centers are dedicated to performing a number of vehicle-based registration and title services for both commercial and individual customer transactions on a drop-off only basis. Customers choosing this option will be able to drop-off appropriate paperwork for processing within a few business days.
The RMV piloted this new service channel option at the Braintree Service Center the week of Aug. 3 and during the first four days processed 402 drop-off registration transactions with an average turnaround time of two days. These services were expanded to Boston/Haymarket, Chicopee, Haverhill, Milford, Taunton and Wilmington locations on Monday, Aug. 10, and processed more than 2,300 transactions in their first full week, many in less than the four-day turnaround. 
"The RMV is pleased to restore certain vehicle-based transactions for customers at the North Adams Service Center in this successful new service channel which has had an overwhelming response and cooperation from the public," said RMV Registrar Jamey Tesler. "While general appointments will continue to be available in other nearby locations or AAAs, customers in the North Adams vicinity and in need of one of these vehicle-based transactions can drop-off their paperwork and return to pick it up in just a few business days. This alternative service channel continues to help meet increased RMV service demands during a time when services are limited due to the need to enforce social-distancing to keep our customers and employees safe."
Registration renewals will still be conducted exclusively online or by mail for individual customers. Customers will continue to be able to make appointments for certain vehicle-based registration and title services up to 14 days in advance.
How Does Drop-Off'Registration and Title Service Work?
Customers in need of one of the services listed below should compile and complete all appropriate paperwork and any supporting documents. This includes contacting your insurance agent/company to obtain a completed Registration and Title Application (RTA). Customers must drop-off the required paperwork within 30 days of obtaining their RTA.  Drop-offs with an incomplete or inaccurate RTA will not be processed.
Customers will be able to visit any Registration Drop Off Center between the hours of 9 and 4 to drop-off their transaction paperwork. An RMV door advocate will review the customer's paperwork to determine if it's correctly completed and ask customers to fill out a coversheet with their name, email and phone number. Customers will not be allowed to wait and should expect a phone call or email from the Service Center within a few days when their transaction is completed.
Transactions will be processed in the order received. Customers will receive a phone call or email when their transaction is completed and be instructed to pay for their transaction online. Customers are encouraged to check and monitor their emails – including spam or junk folders – after they have dropped off their paperwork, as some transactions may be completed earlier and cannot be picked up until payment is completed online.
Customers will need to complete their payment online prior to returning to the Service Center to pick up their plates and/or registration.
Customers who are dropping off or picking up their paperwork will be served in the order of arrival and should anticipate a wait time for the intake and pick-up process, but will not have to wait for their transaction to be completed that same day. 
How Long is the Drop-Off Turnaround Time?
While the RMV asks for its customers' patience during the initial days of this service offering, anticipated turnaround time for completion of drop-off transactions is within four business days.
Customers are encouraged to monitor and check their emails – including spam or junk folders – after they have dropped off their paperwork as some transactions may be completed earlier, and cannot be picked up until payment is completed online.
However, customers may expect additional wait times if their transaction paperwork is incomplete, inaccurate or requires additional review. Drop-offs with an incomplete or inaccurate RTA (see above) will not be processed.
What If I Don't Want to Drop-Off My Transaction or Wait Up to Four Business Days?
Customers may alternatively continue to book an appointment-only reservation for these services. Appointments are available online up to 14 days in advance.
What Type of Transactions Can Be Used With Drop-Off Service?
The following types of transactions can be dropped off by both commercial and individual customers, including casual sales, campers, trailers and motorcycles. Registration renewals will still be conducted exclusively online or by mail for individual customers.
  • Register and title a vehicle
  • Transfer plate to a new vehicle
  • Reinstate a registration
  • Apply for a registration only
  • Transfer a plate between two vehicles
  • Register previously titled vehicle
  • Transfer vehicle to surviving spouse
  • Registration amendments
  • Plate cancellations
For more information and to complete more than 40 other types of transactions online or by phone or mail: www.Mass.Gov/RMV.

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