Massachusetts Total Cases as of Jan. 26, 2023 (weekly data)
Positive Statewide  2,000,273 5,797 
Positive County  34,471 230
Deaths Statewide  21,826  168
County Deaths  458 7
State 7-Day Rate  9.35  
County 14-Day Rate  10.52  
Hospitalizations/COVID 863/266 6 BHS  
Jan. 26, 2023: A brief spike in cases following the holidays peaked on the first and second week of the new year and has since been on the decline. 
The state crossed the 2 million mark in reported positive cases in the last week, with a total of 2,000,273 reported on Jan. 26; the county now has had 34,804 positive cases. 
Weekly cases topped 10,000 on Jan. 5 but dropped to 9,360, 6,804 and the latest, 5,797, in the past three weeks. The county reported its highest weekly number so far of the year on Jan. 12 at 230. The last two weeks were 187 and 146. 
The last week, however, was deadlier than usual with the state reporting 146 deaths and the county seven. The totals are now 21,826 and 458. Berkshire County has had reported 12 deaths since the end of last year. 
The number of positive patients has dropped by nearly a third over the past two weeks, with 863 reported of which 266, or 31 percent, are being treated primarily for COVID-19. Of the patients testing positive, 293, or 34 percent are not fully vaccinated.
The number of patients on Jan. 12 was 1,250 of which 409 were being treated primarily for the virus. BMC reports six patients, down from 14 two weeks ago.
The statewide seven-day positive average has also declined, from 12.25 percent on Jan. 12 to 9.35 percent. The county's 14-day positive average is lower but not by much: 10.52 percent compared to 10.89 two weeks ago. 
Pittsfield, which is still considered in the red zone, now has 15,591 cumulative cases but the number of active cases is 40, down from more than 100 at the beginning of the year. North Adams is at 3,586, with 80 new cases reported since the end of last year. 
iBerkshires has been tracking numbers weekly but only updating the COVID page every couple of weeks. This page will stop updating completely in March. The last update will be March 9, one day before the third anniversary of the declaration of the state of emergency. This page will be archived afterward. 
Jan. 5, 2023: The number of weekly positive cases and more than doubled since November, with 10,075 new cases reported over the holiday week and the average seven-day positive rate has jumped to 13.39 percent. The Berkshires saw 204 new cases, double that of the last week of November, and a 14-day positive rate of 10.21 percent.
These number, of course, only count the number of reported cases tested by health workers.  
The total numbers ending 2022 are 1,978,312 for the state and 34,241 for the county. 
The number of deaths also went up, with 129 reported statewide and four in the Berkshires. Those total figures are now 21,391 and 447, respectively. Pittsfield recorded its first death since the beginning of October, bringing its toll to 92. Pittsfield reported 196 cases for the two weeks ending on Dec. 31, 2022, and has 97 active cases. It's total number of cases to date is 15,415. North Adams is second-highest in new cases at 32 for a total of 3,525.
Patients testing postive has risen to 1,336 but, again, about about a third are being treated primarily for COVID-19 and about a third are not fully vaccinated. Berkshire Health Systems reports 14 patients who tested positive. 
Nearly 81 percent of the nation's population and 95 percent of those age 65 and older have gotten a booster dose. Health officials say vaccination is now so pervasive that the number of total cases will have higher numbers of those inoculated. However, the likelihood of being hospitalized for the novel coronavirus is nearly 30 times higher for unvaccinated adults ages 18 to 49 and 16 times higher overall for the unvaccinated. 
The number of total cases nationwide is now 101,094,670 and the number of deaths is 1,091,184.
Dec. 15, 2022: The state's seven-day positivity rate has crept up over the past two weeks, jumping from 7.14 percent on Dec. 1  to 7.85 percent on Dec. 15. The county's 14-day rate has gone from 5.87 percent to 7.05 percent. 
The number of positive cases has also risen after hitting an eight-month low of 4,425 the week before Thanksgiving. The week ending Dec. 1 saw the weekly number rise to 5,068, then 7,499 and, on Dec. 15, 8,391. There have now been a total of 1,950,694 cases statewide. 
The county's weekly numbers are also up after dropping to 82 on the week ending Nov.  17; the week of Thanksgiving it was 114, and then 91, 157 and 155 (for the week ending Dec. 15). The total is 33,682. 
Pittsfield has reported a total of 15,081 to date and North Adams, 3,469. North Adams had 31 cases reported during the first two weeks of December. The next highest were Dalton at 19 (1,740) and Great Barrington at 18 (1,884). 
The number of patients hospitalized primarily for COVID-19 is up slightly at 255, but remains at about 30 percent of all positive patients. 




1) Wash your hands frequently

2) Cover sneezes and coughs

3) Avoid close contact with people if you or they are ill

4) Wear a mask

5) Get vaccinated


Health Secretary Marylou Sudders demonstrates the correct way to wash your hands.

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